Lightbar for a 2001 Cobra?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Tudds, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. Christmas time is rolling around and I'm looking to get a lightbar for my 2001 Cobra. Are serious modifications required because this car has 6k miles..
    Anyways... I can only find them in black. I have tanish interior.
    Anyone the code in the door for the interior color?
    so basically I'm looking for a interior color matching light bar
    Thanks guys
  2. Have you checked these places? Should be what they call the parchment color. Installation is pretty straight forward. design.htm
  3. No serious modifications are required to install a light bar. The biggest modification is drilling holes in the inside rear quarter panels. For a first time installer, figure on most of the day, after you have done it, it gets easier and can be done in less than 4 hours.
  4. Thanks a lot guys