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  1. anybody have an idea on what would be a good donor vehicle to get the limited slip diff out of to put in my mustang, it'll have to be a 7.5 diff. My first thoughts was a 2000 ranger but im not sure what model of ranger or if all rangers have a limited slip
  2. You can buy them new...

    If you go used, a Mustang GT from 79-85 would have it. Some rangers do have them, but you have to check the axle code to see. Unfortunately, you probably will need to rebuild any used one that you get, they just don't last that long. If you are changing the rear end gear, then I would probably get a new one to go with that change.

    Lastly, you could always just install an 8.8 out of a Mustang. It should bolt on, and you don't have to screw around with setting up the gears. The only downside is the added weight form the 8.8 that you may not need.
  3. Definitely get an 8.8 out of a mustang they drop right in, the rears are stronger, there's just no reason not to buy one. I ran an 8.8 3.73 limited slip behind my v6 mustang autocrosser for years. It was actually out of a turbo bird and I had to remove something that was in the way of the v6 disc brake calipers but I no longer remember what is was. No big deal though.
  4. im wanting the same thing , but wanna go donor , if i can find a 7.5 thatll just have to be good enough , and of course gotta have the limited slip or its just not worth it , what does the 79-85 GTS have in them ?
  5. The 7.5 in the GT just has a standard Ford Traction-loc clutch style LSD. Basically no different from the later ones used in the 8.8, except that it fits a 7.5 inch axle.

    However, it should be noted that the Fox Chassis axle is narrower than your SN95 cars, so I wouldn't just swap over the entire axle assembly. If you are looking just to swap the entire axle, do an SN95 8.8 and be done with it. Only get the diff from the old Mustangs if you want to keep your current axle.
  6. this is a big reason i want donor because i have searched the internet and im not wanting to pay more than 100 to have a limited slip diff if i dont have to plus i like pulling off another vehicle to find out how not to break mine and any complications i might run into

    so basically any GT with factory rear axle will have limited slip and putting in an 8.8 rear end will not be diffucult is what im getting out of this, because i do alot of my refurb shopping at junk yards so knowing what i need to look for is key.

    Then finally what are the advantages of going to an 8.8 versus me just staying with the 7.5 rear end? i mean the biggest reason im goin to a limited slip is because for now my mustang is my only car and ohio winters can get bad every now and again so i need a better traction than just having one tire pushing me around.
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  7. 8.8s don't break and there's a ton of aftermarket parts for them, plus (depending on the model) you get disc brakes. They drop right in, srsly, there's no reason NOT to go to one. I mean you;re going to fiddle dick around with the 7.5 and put a posi in it, it will probably need axles because they always wear out, just drop in the 8.8. Get one out of a 94 or later sn 95.

    Here's an example....even though it's a few years sold

    here's a better deal, it's complete ready to go
  8. The only advantage to the 7.5 is weight, and a (likely immeasurable) slightly more efficient rear end. I doubt you would break a 7.5 with stock power on a street car. Maybe with slicks at a drag strip.

    The 8.8 swap will be the simplest if it has the gear set you want. It is just more work to setup the rear end gears correctly, which would be required if you swap the diff. Cost may be a wash, it just depends on what kind of deal you can get on the 8.8.