Little bit of fame...

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  1. I'll reply to this.
    Dude any kind of fame you can create for yourself is unbelievable. Way to go! I live close to Boston Ma. and I have seen guys with Mustangs running around with 100mph stickers.
    You should be proud. Do what I would do and show this to everyone you know. Then they may begin to understand why you do waht you do and where all your money is going!
  2. Nice burnout :D
  3. First off thanks. The club started as a joke and now it's about a full time job. :rlaugh: It's been a rough job getting sponsors and keeping the place free.

    Second, the stickers you see are probably not from my club. :p Once I came up with the name, I learned a lot of tracks give out awards for reaching 100mph in the 1/4. There is also a 100mphclub for small airplanes. :eek:

    I don't make any stickers, shirts, or other club stuff without the ".com" on them. When you see one of those stickers in Boston. Let me know.

    Right now we're based out of SW Missouri. But we have members in up north in Kansas City, and Illinois. South into Arkansas, and West into Oklahoma.

    But thanks anyway. I did say a "little" bit of fame. :D
  4. awesome man and congrats on starting a car club that looks to be really taking off:nice: i like the 2006 power tour pic nice lineup! i need to put together a club where i live none around me...:rolleyes: hmmmmm?
  5. I just can't help myself. I would do burnouts at every stop if I could afford the tires.:D
  6. It's been crazy. We've been on the local radio several times. We have two bricks in Joplin at the Ronald McDonald House. I've even been asked if I would testify in court about the effects of what would happen if they shutdown our local dragstrip and the street racing scene. Luckily I didn't have to. :)

    We have an event each month. We rent the local track once a year. We have our own Mini-Power Tour. We've won several awards at car shows, in parades, and at the track. We pretty well dominate our tracks Car Club Challenge. :nice:

    It's good stuff... just a LOT of work.