What's it Worth? Looking at a 1993 Foxbody - Opinion on Value


I don't dare do that to my Knob
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Dec 30, 2002
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Wow, it's been over half a year since I've posted! Still working on my other project, but I'll update that thread soon. Just asking for opinions on what this car is worth.

Anyways, came across a 1993 LX Notch that a buddy of a friend at work is selling. I originally passed on it (mainly because of asking price @25K), but it seems he really wants me to buy it and is really willing to work on price. He doesn't have it listed for sale, it just came about through word of mouth. I think he threw a number out there just to see what would stick. I'm more in the $16-$18k range, but need opinions. Here's the short list of mods:

-Custom paint (beautiful IMO)
-59K original miles
-Immaculate interior
-Fully built motor on stock short block (I believe, I couldn't verify the block yet. He does have receipts for everything, but nothing shows an aftermarket block). Ross pistons, forged rods, forged crank, holley system max intake, trick flow heads, custom cam, ect. I'm assuming it's a stroker motor because of the instantaneous power (don't have to wait for the blower to come on to roast them in 2nd gear), but I need to investigate more.
-It has been in a couple magazines and has quite a few 1st place trophies
-Vortec blower
-Full aeromotive fuel system, 60lb injectors
-Custom Chip
-Working A/C
-Adjustable upper and lower control arms
-Five lug conversion with 4 wheel disc brakes
-Setup for drag racing
-Built C4 with transbrake and linelock
-31 spline moser axles and diff
-Undercar is spotless
-Aluminum driveshaft with hoop
-Aftermarket wheels and M/T street drag radials
-Old school bag in the right rear coil

The bad:
-Small crack by drivers side a-pillar (it does have subframes)
-No-cage (this is the main issue for me as I want to drag this car)
-Some damage on front frame rails from jacking

He's claiming it runs 10.4 in the 1/4, but has no timeslips since that is what the guy before said. I do trust the guy as he has been very honest so far and is somewhat of an acquaintance, but am thinking this is more of a low 11second, high 10 second car. We took a ride and the car drives beautifully and shifts 100%. We didn't air down the tires but it hooked well and burned the tires off through 80+ mph while staying completely straight.



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I don't dare do that to my Knob
10 Year Member
Dec 30, 2002
Cornwall, PA
It a winner for me ,jump on it.
Yeah, I really like the car. Not a flame guy, but this car was tastefully done and I dont get giddy about too many foxbodys anymore, but this one got me. I just dont want to insult the guy with my offer or be totally off base with it.....
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