looking for a procharger for my buddies 01 cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Quick95GT, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. my buddy has asked me to look for a procharger for his 01 cobra. we have looked on superchargers online and they have some pretty good deals. does anybody else have any ideas on where to look? thanks
  2. What the complete cost psnous?

    Whats the expected hp once installed from just the addition of the charger and what psi is safe for daily driving.
  3. Call ProCharger and they will give you phone numbers to other companies who carry their products at a good price. I got mine from ASSC racing. I payed $4100.00 for a polished P-1SC and the III core intercooler w/mass air flow & injectors. Tony was my sales man.+

  4. 6-8 psi with a good tune is plenty safe, some run more and haven't had problems. It's all in the tune and good gas. A buddy of mine that's gonna help me did a 99 Cobra and he was well into the 4xxhp range and deep into the 11's with 6-8 psi, P1SC, 3 core IC, 03 Cobra fuel pump, 42lb injectors, diablo chip with a dyno tune, offroad x-pipe, & catback exhaust.
  5. 6-8 psi? I don't think so.
    With a good tune, you can easily run 10-12 psi and see 450 rwhp+. Its all in the tune. I have been running mine setup with a 3.2(10 psi GT pulley) and seeing 13 psi at 6500 to redline. I have 10 psi by 5000 and 5 psi by 3000 in cool weather. The P1SC is great for low end torque. I have 400rwtq by 4000 rpm. I don't typically rev my car past 6000 cause it has so much power before that point.

    Try Keith Foster at Foster Motorsports in Decatur Alabama. I got mine thru him. www.boostandfuel.com

    Also, www.JMSchip.com does good work as far as tuning. However, I would try to find someone closer to you when it comes to tuning so that you can go to them and get dyno tuned.

    Good luck, enjoy.
  6. I would agree that 6-8 is a more safe estimate for daily driving. Good gas is key, but 10 lbs will slowly hurt the motor. Finding one used is just about the best idea. I just bought a complete used Novi 1000 kit with IC for $3k. Also, Ebay works great for finding parts.

    My 01 should be making 450 rwhp with 8 lbs and the IC. Any more than that(combined with my 4.10s) and the car won't hook on the street at all.