LT1...blown on nitrous???

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  1. My friend has a camaro z28 with the lt1. He has (had) a 100 shot of nitrous. He was on the way to school this morning and sprayed at the top of 2nd gear, then went to third gear and BAM. The engine cut off. He cant get it to start now. The engine still will turn over, but wont start. He said it smelt like oil afterwards. He has a WOT switch. What do you think happened? Whats wrong?
  2. Well, first it's a chevy :rlaugh: juuuuuust kidding.

    Check the basics:
    Is there oil in water?
    Is there water in oil?
    Is the rotor turning (if it chewed the dist gear it would go BOOM then shut off. Would turn over but no spark)
    Is it getting fuel?
    Is it getting spark?
  3. ya, timing light or pull the cap and turn it over. Usually you wouldnt lose all the cylinders all at once. It would still run, but like crap.