%-lug Conversion Questions??

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  1. I am planning on buying rims for my car soon, Kazera KZ-A 17x7.5....

    I am planning on just doing the rear first, PLanning on buying the rear kit with the stock drum breaks, and i wanted to know if I would have to change the MC if I just do the rears only?? Also would I have to buy the seal kit for the rears??
    Give me any input you have.....New to this but been reading for awhile now on the conversion.........
  2. I'll assume you are referring to a 5 lug, not a percentage lug conversion. :D
    Based on your screenname you own an 88 GT, right?

    The Ford axle and drum kit ($200) for the rear is commonly referred to as the Ranger axle & drum 5-lug swap. It's the same thing as pulling axles and drums off of a Ford Ranger. You save a trip to the junkyard and you get new parts by buying the $200 kit though.

    This "Ranger" setup retains the same track width dimensions as your stock 4-lug Mustang axles have. With a 7.5" wide wheel you will want about zero offset for the rear wheels and if you do the "Lincoln" rotor swap for the front you will want about a +12 offset wheel in the 7.5" width variety. Make sure these wheels have the proper center hub bore to mount as well.

    You don't need to change the master cylinder and you should probably replace the axle seals on the ends of the rear end while you're in there ... just because they are only about $3-4 a piece (mainland price).
  3. yea i ment the 5lug conversion :bang:

    hmmmm, the offsets need to be zero in the back? and the fronts +12mm..... here are the wheels that im going to buy, http://www.tirerack.com/wheels/Disp...lModel=KZ-A&wheelFinish=Flat+Black+w/Mach+Lip
    bt i told my friend to see if he can get them n 17" with 15mm offset...... i was planning on doing was buying the rear kit then buying the front at a junkyard, which i know i would have to change MC and prop. valve.. how would i knw if these have the proper center hub bore to mount as well??

    Also what is the stock offset for an 87 mustang, just wanted to knw....

    thanks by the way for answering my Q's
  4. Just to second what was said above, no you would not need to change the mc. And yes I would change the axle seals as well as the axle bearings.
  5. :flag: HAPPY NEW YEAR to all..... :flag:
    Had some Q's....
    The rims that I am getting are 15mm offset, got that from Tirerack..... But i wanted to knw if it was ok if i can use this offset in the fronts when I change to the 94-95 mustang hud/spindel rotors?? would they stick out or be in??? Or if i should just use a 25-26mm offset??

    Sorry for all the q's again, NEED HELP, just dont want to mess things up and i dont want to buy a spacer and what not.......
  6. The SN95 spindle, hub and rotor setup will increase the front track .25" per side (1/2" total track increase over stock).

    The +15mm offset on the wheels will work great up front with SN parts and will bring the wheels about dead even with the fender lips.

    If you run +15 on the rear also I suggest buying longer studs to press into the 5-lug axles and then buying .50" wheel spacers to "untuck" the wheels (for appearance reasons). Or switch to SN length axles and disc setup.

    What you need is as easy as using a tape measure on your car.
    Measure the fit issues and then do the math.

  7. Kool thanks TrunkFunk....
    K, if i get the SN95 axles can i re-use the drum brakes?? or i have to switch to disc....I think i knw the answer, jus wanna make sure.... Also if i just do the rear first will i have to change the MC..... I was wondering about the proportioning valve, can i just buy the Willwood prop valve??......

    thanks again....

  8. Your gonna need to upgrade your MC if you switch to rear disc. With those wheels I would defentaly use either SN95 axels or Lincoln axels. Lincoln axels are a little longer than SN95 but look good on a 8" wide wheel IMO. Alot of people hate the look of Lincoln axels.


    I dont know if you can use SN95 axels and a ranger/aerostar 5 lug drum brake set-up?