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  1. Was on my way to work. Rolled up on a stop light and it died. I couldn't get it restarted. Last time it did this it ended up being the battery (intermittent cell). Not the case this time. Since it would spin over at normal speed, but wouldn't fire. Over the course of the next 15-20 minutes it would start to sputter more and more like it wanted to start until it eventually started. I was able to turn it around and get home. As of right now I am suspecting a fuel delivery problem, since it was acting like it wasn't getting fuel. Not entirely sure though. I stopped to listen if the fuel pump was priming at one point, but right after I did that it fired up. Of note, I pushed the accelerator all the way to the floor while I was trying to start the car, and it didn't sputter at all (this disables the injectors does it not?).
  2. run the codes but I suspect the dreaded TFI but the dust.
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  3. This is my guess as well.
  4. If it were lack of fuel you wouldn't hear the pump prime or wouldn't have any pressure at the shrader valve.

    I'm with these guys, probably the tfi.
    If it is, do not replace it with anything other than a ford unit, unless you want to do this again in 6 months.
  5. K rect o mundo. Do not get an aftermarket one. In fact , when I am at the JY I try and grab a spare one if I see one as cheap insurance.

    Rock Auto has the best price on the Ford unit. They make them for T5 and AOD's.
  6. I always carry a spare TFI and a Motorcraft one at that.
  7. i had 2 bad msd tfi's,put a 10 year old stock one on good to go....
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  8. Weak. The worst part is I think you guys are right... I suspected fuel delivery, or a timing issue. Based on the simple fact that after the car sat for 15-20 minutes it fired back up. Actually, as it sat I kept trying to start it, and it slowly tried to fire more consistently. Why is it no one can make a TFI that is worth the plastic it is made from except for Ford? What are we going to do when that supply dries up?
  9. So....how new is it? As in still under warranty new? I'd at the very least get them to replace it.
  10. Just ran out like a couple weeks ago. :mad:
  11. Doesn't that make the answer to your problems obvious then?
  12. The TFI on my May Suddenly Die Pro Billet distributor went T/U less than a month after installation. Even though MSD replaced it with another one of their POS TFI's, I stuck a Motorcraft one on there and have been problem free since.
  13. I am hesitant to throw money at parts when i don't know for sure what the problem is. I'd hate to go through what I did before where I thought the car was fixed only to have it break down again on me.
  14. Look at it this way, you are replacing that dyna module sooner or later. So even if it's not that, it's good preventive maintenance.

    You are looking for a part that cools off, then works again. The pip and tfi are the usual culprits.

    There is actually a kit to relocate the TFI similar to what ford did with the 94/95. I usually see it on ebay.
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  15. Well I ordered a TFI relocation kit (was planning to do this anyway), and next month I'll order a new Ford TFI. Hopefully that fixes it. I let the car warm up today and I kept checking the timing on it to see if it was holding steady or not, and it was kinda jumping around a bit at idle, but that doesn't seem to unusual to me.
  16. Update. Replaced the TFI with a new Ford unit and put it in with a relocation kit. Been driving the car on short trips into town. Decided today to drive it to work (30 miles one way). Ran great on the way in. Going home it was super hot outside, got about ten miles from home, had the cruise set at 65mph and it died. Took me 25 minutes to get it restarted. Went a 1/4 mile before it started choking out and sputtering and died again. Sat for another ten minutes or so and it fired up like nothing was wrong. Got it home, acts perfect. This is seriously frustrating. It is either the ECU, the PIP sensor, or the Quarter Horse is messing up. There is literately nothing else on the car that isn't new or extremely low mileage.

    ETA: Just remembered the coil is original. Not sure if it would just refire right back up though while it is still hot.
  17. I had a bad pip that took out my tfi module. Mine also died suddenly, replaced tfi, then ran great until it got hot and would start ****ing up again.
  18. If it's your pick up try pulling out the spark advance plug next time it dies. I had this happen on a reman distributor abd it would die with the plug in.