maaco bc/cc quality questions

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Which Paint Shop

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  1. Cardinal Body Works

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  2. MAACO

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    Maaco FTW :nice:
  3. The Maaco by me does great work. They are franchises, so it depends on who runs them and what type of area they are in. There is another one in a less fortunate area. I wouldn't take a 20 inch Schwinn bicycle there to get painted.
  4. FWIW, I had a Crown Vic P71 painted by Maaco in North Kansas City for (I think) $400 with the mid-level paint that included the clearcoat. I had the car for over a year and a half after that and the paint looked great and held up wonderfully. The only place(s) it flaked off was where I had them paint over the chrome in some spots (I was going for the Marauder look), but only just around the very edges. They did such a great job of filling the leftover holes left from the police rooflights and trunk antennas that you absolutely could not tell it had ever had 'em. :nice:

    I think it just depends on which Maaco location you go to. Generally, yeah, they probably do shoddy jobs, but maybe I got lucky in my case and got a good one where they actually do decent sprays. :shrug:
  5. Ive seen the work on a few cars this shop has put out. One being my good friends car. Another is a friends integra. The paint looks great in person and everyone that commpliments it cant belive it was MAACO. ALso I am not looking to get show car quality. It is just the car I drive to school and work everyday and want it to look presentable. Trust me when I say that any paint job would look better than the condition it was in before all of this.