Mach 460 sound system

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by jas142, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. How do you guys like your Mach460 systems? Better then most other upgraded stock systems or worse? Loud? Clear? Hows the bass?
  2. As far as factory systems go it is great. My dad has a Bose system in his Vette and he made a comment on how mine sounded much better. Now for very little money you can gut the Mach system and go completely aftermarket. I have a Kenwood inexpensive head unit, two 6.5 inch dual cone door spearkers and two 5.5 inch two ways in the rear side panels and a Bazooka amplified base tube in the trunk of my Probe and it sounds every bit as good as the Mach in my Mustang. Total price was 300 bucks.
    The Mach is a good system. The base is pretty good but not stomach upsetting. I have a Nelly CD (extent of my hip hop collection) and the base is tight. I especially like the intro to Enter Sandman by kicks pretty good on this system.
  3. Thanks, yep the totally loaded premium 03 GT cost less then a deluxe 04, so I bought it and got the mach 460. Just got my stang yesterday, I'm so excited :p

    Anyway, the mach460 does sound pretty good. Are there any free or cheap mods to improve it even more?
  4. Yeah the Mach 460 is a great stock setup.
    My cousin just bought a Z06 :drool: and we were waxing our cars side by
    side with my Mach460 blasting.
    He was like "wow! that system is way better than my vette's", and he's right!
    I told him I'd trade my stereo for his Z06.
    He declined :nonono:
  5. It's pretty good for factory! I would like to upgrade the speakers and use the factory amps and CD player, but I don't think I can do it :shrug: