Math experts wanted

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  1. I had my turbo engine rebuilt before I stick it in my car and my machinist bored the cylinders out .030 and I was wondering if there is any significant additional displacement differece.

    I cant wait to drop this thing in my car!!
  2. an extra 2.8 cu in.
  3. You have a 142cilx!
  4. I am so going to feel that extra power

    Can I just say that I have a 143cilx? Round up that .8 ci.

    This bastard engine cost me an arm and a leg to get it rebuilt.
  5. Hope it's not a five-speed then, you'll have a helluva time trying to drive it. :jester:

  6. I'd have to file a name infringement lawsuit. :D BEWARE!
  7. nope.
  8. You need that valve cover cougar uses.
  9. I have that valve cover, except I took off the black crinkle paint.

    Yes, it will also be a five speed, btw it will be my second t-5 conversion, I might get pretty good at it soon.

    Check out my new sig coming soon, I will be 143cilx. :banana: