Methods to smooth engine bay?

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  1. So I'm wanting to get rid of all the holes in the engine bay. I'm not looking for show quality stuff, in fact I'm going to spray a flat color when done. I just want to fill in the holes.
    So besides using a welder to fill all the holes (don't have one or know how to weld), whats the next best option?
    Heres a nice one:

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  2. Buy a cheap wire fed welder and read the instruction book. BOOM! done deal. Peice of cake. Seriously dude.
  3. Like I talked one of my friends into doing, learn to weld :nice:

    Nothing will hold up as much. Other than that I don't know, sorry. I think there are a couple guys who did it other ways, they'll be here eventually to put in their ideas. I know some people replaced the sheet metal with a full piece, others filled it with other putties or whatever, and some made new panels to fit OVER the existing sheetmetal. Depends what specific look you want when it comes to new sheet metal.
  4. Yeah I knew that would be the popular answer,,, so what just weld in the holes' and grind them down when done?
  5. Welding is the best method, although i have seen some guys do a really good (although really ghetto) job using JB weld, and i would NEVER recommend it because it won't last and could potentially break up, leaving the engine bay looking worse than it did when you started.

    I will say if you try to weld, practice on something else before you hit the car. If you weld too much or too crappy, you're going to have to grind all the access off, and that makes smoothing it out a huge PITA. My buddy is doing this right now and if you really want the sides to be smooth, it takes a lot of work, lots of body filler and you're going to be filling/smoothing/filling/smoothing over and over to make it look right.

    Oh i'll also add, the easiest way to make it look super good is to find the precut panels that you weld over the sides. I know someone on here had some that i think someone on Corral was making. My buddy cut/made his own out of sheet metal which is another option.
  6. lead it over. Old school, but I think it will work.
  7. Here is a little sample of what you have in store. I do not recommend using bondo to fill the holes, just use it to smooth over your grinded welds.
    I bought my welder from Home Depot , think it was under $300.00
    You always need a welder around.
    I have painted the bay, but will include a better picture of it when I get some natural light. The PPG paint and clear I used is so shiny that it glares and reflects the camera flash , And make it look like "jell-o" in the picture , as my wife says.





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  8. you dont have to be a good welder to do it, just fill in the holes and grind them flush