MGW shipping time?

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  1. Well i ordered my mgw shifter around 6 days ago.....does anyone know around how long shipping take to receive the shifter?? i know a few people have them in long did it take for you guys??
  2. It took mine about 8 days I think....
  3. be patient :)
  4. i cant wait...!! it takes longer then 6 days right?
  5. Right at about a week. Ground shipping is sloooooooooooooooooow.
  6. yeah about 6 - 7 biznizz days
  7. damn.....hopefully by this weekend ill have i can have sumthing to do to my car....i miss putitng all the simple bolt ons on my theyre getting tougher and more time
  8. yeah, I just got mine today!!! It actually took mine about 2 weeks, George said there was a slight backup. You can just e-mail him for the confirmation #, that's what I did.:nice:
  9. I've got there entire interior dress up set on order ATM. Unfortunately they won't call you if the items back orderd.
  10. well i emailed em and they said it should arrive by monday...... cant wait!!!! tips i should know before i take the stocker off?? i bought the gasket so i wont use the rtv silicone.....
  11. Two minutes. I went to their shop, asked for one, and the lady handed it to me. Yep, two minutes. :)
  12. wel l ifinally got it installed and its great..... a lil stiff but it should loosen up...around how long does it take to loosen up? the shifts are great and firm.....the orange handle seems a lil long for me....but i will be getting the blue handle....
  13. After a week or so you will get use to the stiffer shifts, and it will loosen up somewhat. Do you plan on buying a used blue handle from someone? The blue handle is no longer made. I'm real glad I bought a blue handle over a year ago. The shifts are ensanely short.
  14. damn.... well i saw one on ebay......hopefuly i can get it.....on mgw site it says you can buy it for 30 though....are you sure its not made anymore??