Might as well post my oops here too..

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Tombfyre, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. heres my screwup of 2004 - 3000.00 damage.. but i managed to get used parts so it will be way less now.... but damn :owned:


  2. Very Nice...Congrats :nice:

    I actually cracked the rocker panel on the passenger side of my car on the curb coming up from out of a parking garage, still haven't fixed it yet, it dips into my mod money. :nonono:
  3. so you backed into an upsidedown tree? in the middle of the road?
  4. those things always just jump right out in front of you
  5. well thats the best i can do for an image right now.. lol i have been to annoyed to go back and take a picture... lol... but think it was an ENT! I think i was attacked! I bet i was no where NEAR the tree!!! :shrug:
  6. I did that in my 1992 Nissan Sentra-SER. Except it was a garbage dumpster. the parking lot was empty, but it was raining out, and I mashed the gas like an idiot and hydroplaned right into it.
  7. why was there a tree in the middle of a parking lot?

    it looks bad but all you need is a trunk and spoiler looks like...
  8. ooo the same thing happend to me except i hit an opposum as i was driving down the road at 70
  9. I hit 2 raccoons at 55-60 mph and had to replace my stalker front end and retighten my intercooler piping........beat that
  10. Hey. Some dude backed into my front bumper and i got a saleen bumper outta the whole deal.. it looks sweet. :D
  11. well i still havent got mine fixadid.... and i have two flat tires that i have to put fixaflat in because i'm too poor to get them fixed... at least you got the money to fix it
  12. you know you're doing it right when you back into someone elses vehicle and cause more monetary damage to there's than your own. Long story short, I backed my truck into a girl's caravan in a parking lot, bent my bumper and did over $1500 damage to the front end of her van, OOPs, hehe
  13. ...it's a good thing he was driving a red brick at the time.

    Just kidding, sorry about your misfortune.
  14. at least he didn't run into the big blue brick

  15. :lol:
    Yo, that same thing happened to a guy I know...
  16. I dont know wether its a good thing or bad thing that our trunks are made up of fibreglass.
  17. i don't think mine is?
  18. I was in my wife's escort and thought I'd be funny and put the car in reverse while she was getting cash from an atm..from the passenger seat! I got the car in reverse but couldnt stop it.. I smashed the rear end of that car against a fire hydrant. DOH!


    Dude we all make mistakes..

  19. Classic.