Milling off the Intake of an I6

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  1. Hey guys, I have a 200 I6 sitting in my barn from a mustang and I was wondering if anybody here has successfully milled off the restrictive log intake, and where I might be able to find some information on how to do it. Thanks!
  2. Sorry, I'm a little confused. The intake bolts to the head... no need to mill it off, just unbolt and replace with a performance intake (if they are available).
  3. Don't the Ford six intakes cast onto the cylinder head? Anyway, milling one off would be no problem at all, nor would it be a big deal to drill and tap the head for another intake. Are you planning to build one from scratch? I've seen a few inline intakes built from tubing, they look neat and appear to be fairly simple to build, just remember to keep the bowls level.
  4. Ive got a stupid question. what will milling off an intake do? ive also got a 200I6. dont know nothing much about engines...
  5. I'm not sure, but I think he wants to either adapt a different manifold to his existing motor or perhaps fabricate a mulitple carb intake. The stock 200 intake/head is not very appealing to performance, you can't even swap to a 4 barrel to get more power, since the engine's still breathing through a straw. I remember a drag racer in the '70's (Bruce something or other) that built a 300ci six powered Pinto that ran in the 9's. The engine was not stock, in fact he cut up 351C heads and furnace-brazed them together to make his own six-banger head. Where there's a will, there's a way.
  6. Ahh.. that would explain it.
  7. A major problem with 200CID intake and exhaust manifold is that they are one casting. They tend to crack between the valves, and at the intake plenum. The Plenum has exhaust on one side and raw fuel air mix on the other. The heat shock causes cracks. It once took me 5 tries to find a decent replacement.
  8. Not only that, but because of the design, there really is no way that it can feed all cylenders the same amount of fuel. If there was a better designed intake, you would see better performance all around becuase all cylenders are being feed more equally.

    Hey zookerper, are there any pictures you could send my way of the head and intake? I have a stock one of these engines that I want to try this to.
  9. I think Clifford performance has a service where they will machine your existing intake off and provide a replacement for either 2 or 4 barrel applications. Unfortunately, the only true way to balance the airflow and fuel would be to run six webers with six small intakes. Even port injected 300cid sixes had different airflow characteristics to the individual cylinders.
  10. Do you have an idea as to how much it is to have them do that?
  11. Go to they have a ton of info on every possible configuration you might have in mind, some very cool.
  12. You can switch to the head off of a 250 CID engine, which has a removable intake I believe... You'll get better flow and a bit of a power upgrade as well. You can also get a carburetor adapter and adapt your 1 bbl manifold to a 2 bbl carburetor. is the best for sixers. I'm an avid member.
  13. It was in an old magazine, but I'll look around and see if I can find it. If I do, I'll mail you the issue. It was an older issue of Popular Hot Rodding if I remember right.
  14. only the aussie 250 2v head, or the argentine head have removeable intakes. the US 250 head still has the intake cast integrally with the head.

    You'll get better flow and a bit of a power upgrade as well. You can also get a carburetor adapter and adapt your 1 bbl manifold to a 2 bbl carburetor. is the best for sixers. I'm an avid member.[/QUOTE]

    the best solution for a log head is to do something similar to the offenhauser 3x1bbl intake. you add two 1bbl carbs to the ends of the log, and using a prgressive linkage you get the economy of a 1bbl carb, and the power of a 3bbl carb. takes some time to tune but worth the effort.
  15. Sorry to pipe in a day late and a dollor short, but just found this forum on a referal from the Ford Six Forum. If memory serves me correctly, The recently deceased AK Miller was one of the earlier developers and racers of the Ford Inline 6 with the shaved off log with a 6 1bbl systems. Seems like there is an article floating around called "Horsing Around" that covers some of his work on the Inline 6. I'm a big fan of the Inline 6 and FSP Forums and have gotten most of the info for an Offy 3 1bbl system that I am currently trying to put togather on a 66 round log head.

    Try this link.
  16. The 240cid and 300cid sixes have removable intakes, while the 144,170,200 and 250cid sixes do not. The 240 and 300 sixes are truck motors, for the most part, and are tall enough that a swap would probably create hood clearance problems.

    babybudistmonk, if you want prices on Clifford's stuff, just go to their website. Or give em a call. They can give you decent advice.
  17. It seems like I remember Kay Sissel offering all manner of inline six stuff as well. I saw his twin-engine (two six banger chevys) dragster a couple years ago at Sears Point and it hauled ass, so I know they build killer horsepower.