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  1. trying to locate my missing edit icon to my response thread
  2. I was able up till this morning to edit a mistake or whatever of a response I made to a thread, but this morning that edit icon is gone from my threads and this. WHY?
  3. Link to the thread in question, please?
  4. even to my response here it is not there

    also, why do I continually get this message from Norton concerning this website, when it happens, it creates havoc with my internet and I always have to go to my task manager and exit out of I.E.

  5. OK, so which post is it you are wanting to edit, now? Post # is fine.
    And dear mother of God, get rid of Norton / Symantec AND ALSO get rid of using IE as your browser of choice--use anything but THAT forsaken p.o.s.

    The alert that rubbish is serving you is total trash and you likely have:
    a) malware from someplace else
    b) malware laced inside something claiming to otherwise help you

    Trust me, we don't serve up malicious content or viral nonsense.....if we did, we'd be a lot richer for it, lol.

    Let's take these actions, and go forth to see what else you hit for obstacles, please. Thanks.
  6. Agreed!! Rid your self of Norton and pickup the free version of Avast antivirus, and Malware Bytes anti malware. Once you have them, totally uninstall the Norton garbage, and install those and run complete sccans. Use Firefox or Chrome browser and all will be well.
  7. of that link I gave you, post # 2 and 3 by me there is no edit button for me to use. I would assume without looking further that the other posts I have made is missing the edit button also. Thanks
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  8. Responded in the PM sent by stangr5oh.
  9. Well all is wel with my edit button.

    On another thought, and this may sound stupid, but it seems as the quote icon works alittle differently than other sites I visit. Can someone explain to me how to qoute someone or a phrase or paragraph? Any help would be appreciative.
  10. Just hit the 'Reply" button to quote a single post.

    If you want to quote multiple posts, click the '+Quote' button for each post that you want included.
    When you do this, you will see an "Insert Quotes..." button appear at the bottom of your message window.
    Click that button to insert all the '+Quote' multi-quotes that you clicked on.
    This feature works across multiple pages from the same thread or you can even quote and insert from different threads.

    Like so. :)

    Heya Tanner... How'd you get in here? :shrug:
  11. That's voodoo mod magic, that's all
  12. All of you old heads should know this stuff ready. :p
  13. Another thing, a members avatar is located on any given thread to the left, right under it states member. But on others they have specialized it to say something else than just member. For instance, under tannerc91gt avatar it says "More durable than coconuts and twice as fast". How do I change mine to say something else other than active member? Thanks