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  1. 2000 white mustang gt

    my stang is mostly stock, except for

    -K&N air intake- looks good, cant really tell any hp difference.

    -3.55 rear end- which makes my speedometer read faster than im actually going, which in effect makes my odometer read more miles than i have actually drivin.... any suggestions?? other than that, i am very satisfied with performance.

    -flowmasters- sounds great!! couldnt tell any hp difference.

    -18 x 9 wheels- love em. looks great, and helps in getting off the line rather than stock 17 x 8s.

    -i have a few cosmetics like limo tent all the way around. looks sweet but i got to roll windows down when passing cops. :bs:

    :bang: :notnice: :shrug:

    what should my next mod be that would give me the most hp for my money????
  2. Did you buy the car with 3.55's or did you put them in? cuz thats pretty close to stock.. 18x9's should make it harder to launch unless you have sticky 285mm tires in back.

    Get an X pipe. Catted if you need to pass smog. I run a magnaflow catted X with flows.. noticable especially over 3,000 rpm.
  3. K&N Drop in, FlowMasters American Thunder 'Cat-Back' system, and short throw shifter. More on the way.....
  4. MAC catback right now, next will be some new tires.
  5. quite a bit has changed now.

    · C&L Upper Intake Plenum
    · C&L Inlet Tube cal for 19lb injectors
    · Accufab 75mm Throttle Body
    · K&N Drop in Filter w/ air silencer removed
    · Steeda Underdrive Pulleys (96 to mid 2001)
    · 180º Thermostat
    · SCT Custom Dyno Tune (Daniel’s tune Triangle Speed Shop)
    · Bassani Stainless Steel Offroad X Pipe
    · Magnaflow Stainless Steel Catback
    · Steeda Tri-ax shifter T-45 transmission
    · FMS Racing 3.73 Gears
    Suspension and Handling
    · Eibach Sportline Springs
    · Granatelli Upper Control Arms
    · Granatelli Lower Control Arms
    · Hotchkis Caster Camber Plates
    · Removed rear swaybar
    · Mac white face gauges
    · Ford 2003 Cobra 17x9 Chrome Rims
    · Ford 2003 Cobra 17x10.5 Chrome Rims
    · Kumho Ecsta 712 245/45/17 fronts
    · Nitto 555R Drag Radials 315/35/17 rears
    · Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
    · Vinyl Insert stickers (carbon fiber)
  6. First 2 Mods and how they went

    About a month ago I traded in my although loved 02' V-6 Mustang, not exactly a car you're going to do a lot of work on.. I picked up a 04' GT Screaming Yellow and love it to death already. Did I first 2 mods in the last couple days and here's how they went. Please bear in mind I haven't worked on cars besides changing oil in years, probably decades. :)

    Steeda Sport Shifter - 99.95 + $10 shipping
    Very nice item, install went pretty good and fairly easy. When they say there is a lot of gear or transmission noise afterwards they aren't kidding. Only in certain gears and only at certain times but it's definitely louder. With that being said, this upgrade is a MUST! Crisp gear shifts and much shorter.

    BBK Progressive Rate Springs - 179.00 - $25.00 shipping
    This is about as far as I would want to go at home with work on a car. I felt very confident I could get them installed with a little help from my wife pushing down while I pulled the old ones out. In fact, the install went very well, 5 hours total including cleanup for all 4 springs. Just basically have the right tools and follow everything step for step and you'll be fine. The back springs were honestly a breeze and i'm happy I did them first to build my confidence even more. :) BBK instructions sucked booty, good thing I printed off some "real world" instructions from various mustang sites.
    Didn't have a chance to really take it for a drive afterwards cause it started snowing, but did drive around the block and they feel tight as hell. Cornering on rails now and actually really smoothed out the ride from what I could tell. Not to mention, looks AMAZING! Sitting a little higher than expected, but i'm told they will settle in a few days so I'll wait till then to make my final judgement. All in All, this IS the spring upgrade you want and I'm EXTREMELY happy with BBK so far.

    FRPP 3.73s - 139.00 free shipping
    Yah right! I already booked a slot with a local Mustang shop that are going to do these for me. Not a chance i'm going to try them at home. I'll update this when they are in on how I like them.

    I think part of the reason that the installs went so well so far is that the car doesn't even have 2000km's on it yet. So with that being said, if you can do the installs early in a cars life, I would definitely suggest it.

  7. Speedo fix

    Your speedo fix is quite easy. Buy a FRPP, 23-tooth, white speedometer gear. It is a drop-in replacement for your red speedo gear. It costs a whole $14.00 from Texas Mustang which is cheaper than the other methods that are over $100.00. I have 3.55's and a 23-tooth gear and they work fine.
  8. Dang...I searched the thread to see if anyone has done a turbo...not one :( I was hopin to see someone's setup before I do it.

  9. Theres a turbo kit for a Mustang? News to me... if there isn't one you'd have to get custom heads for that thing... much easier just getting a blower IMO... But hey, go for it if ya want to :p
  10. Yea there's kits...just was hoping someone in the thread had one. :shrug: I've been set on a turbo for a while. everyone does the s/c
  11. Plenty of places have turbo kits for sale. Everyone here who has one is to lazy to post.
  12. yup, got 2 in mind...just know they're not as popular as s/c, plus the kits are more $$. oh well! :) the shop i go to, they know plenty about turbos :nice:
  13. I would go with a supercharger. Less work and less $$$ spent IMO. Unless you got unlimited funds :banana:
  14. Where did you get the springs and gears?

  15. 2001 GT Premium Metallic Red Auto

    Current Performance Mods

    C&L 80 mm MAS
    C&L Inlet Pipe
    Bassani Catted X
    - 223.4 HP on Dyno

    Tuned by SilverState Racing with Diablo Predator
    - 230.8 HP

    next mods, springs and gears - 3.73's, mabey 2200 Stall


    Pioneer DEH-P7600MP Deck, connected to Mach 460 System
    with customized harness.
    Phoenix Gold Amp
    2 Boston Pro 10' Subs
  16. 2002 GT Premium Mineral Grey 5 speed

    See my sig...

    Also have BF Goodrich gForce T/A KDWs all around (stock size) and the clear fog lights.
  17. My mods and respective 1/8 times and dyno results

    Bought my 2002 GT brand new around 5-02 and began modding in March of 2005 after the warrany expired. I bought everything brand new and included the price and installation costs. Here is what I have in order of installation:

    Magnaflow catback - sounds great although the Magnapacks would have been louder. Also looks great too w/ 3" SS tips. Some noticeable SOTP gains. Bought for $420 and installation was $50.

    Nitto 555's - treadlife looks good so far and they stick hella better than the stock "Gatorcraps." $120 per tire.

    K&N FIPK - installed myself and looks way better than the stock tube. No noticeable SOTP gains although I'm sure there are dyno gains. Now I can hear a little whoosh which is cool! Bought for $160.

    FRPP 4.10's - :hail2: BEST MOD to do and will literally throw your passengers in the backseat! :D Definitely should be the 1st mod for anyone. $190 at MT and installation was $250. I got the Ratech installation kit for $80.

    Bassani o/r x pipe - :hail2: this sounds wicked! Makes heads turn and will scare children at WOT! Bought it for $320 and installed for $75.

    Steeda tri-ax shifter - throws definitely much shorter and you will never miss a gear again. Although it is really stiff until you get used to it. Bought for $180 and installed for $40.

    Diablo Predator - corrected my speedo for 4.10's and eliminated the MIL for my x pipe. I used the Diablo 91 octane tune. Bought for $325.

    Steeda Mach 1 chin spoiler/grill delete - bought both for $125. The grill delete was pretty easy to install, but the chin spoiler requires to people and drilling 17 holes in your bumper. It makes the stang look much sleeker and clean though. Beats the hell out of the stock honeycomb grill.

    The results in numbers: At a Mustang dyno, I put down 229rwhp and 242 rwtq. At the same dyno, a stock 4.6 is around 180+rwhp so I gained around 40+rwhp with these mods. I never went to the track while I was stock, but I am currently running 9.1 with these mods in the 1/8 mile. Hope this information is helpful to anyone starting out like I was a few months ago.

    Future mods: Trick Flow plenum, 70mm Accufab throttlebody, Steeda u/d pulleys, Nitto Extreme DR's and the Eibach Pro-System Plus Suspension Kit.
  18. 2003 mustang gt 5 speed

    suspension- eibach pro kit springs, tokiko shocks/struts, steeda caster/camber plates, polyurethane spring isolators, i installed all of this at the same time, installation took about half a day and was a pain in the ass to do by myself, would not nessicarily recomend this installation for beginners or someone without a lot of paticance,lowered my car about 2- 2.5 inches looks awsome, handles awsome, however the ride with all of my other suspension mods is a bit stiff and quite unforgiving but the handling is worlds better than stock.

    grannatilli upper and lower control arms- helped traction and made rear end feel much more solid also noticed that my stock aluminum control arms had been bent and flexed quite noticabbly, the stock control arms are a weak point on this car and i would deffinetly reccomend replacing them with much stronger and better designed aftermarket ones. installation was a breeze with a lift, took about 45 min.

    17x10.5 deep dish bullit rims wrapped in 315/45/17 sumitomo htrz- this mod not only looks sick but helped my traction immensly, with my stock rims and tires i would accidently spin them all over town just trying to get my car moving, but with these my grip is so much better, the extra 2.5 inches of rubber really helped. installation was easy, just changing rear tires, i did need to remove my quad shocks for clearance issues, easy 2 bolts and they fell out. traction is still much better even without the quad shocks

    custom intake- would not reccomend doing this, just buy a kit. i peiced together an intake pipe and filter setup thinking it would save me some $ but the rubber sleeves, especially the 4- 3.5 inch one that connects to my tb ended up making it just as expensive as if i were to buy a kit. preformance is good overall though because i found a 4" intake pipe.

    c&l 80mm maf- good mod, deffinetly helped gain a few horses, easy install.

    accufab 70mm tb- good mod, deffinetly helped hp and throttle response was improved drammatically. this a a very good quality throttlebody. easy install.

    exhaust- h-pipe, flowmaster 2 chamber, magnaflow 4" rolled tips, no cats, steeda mil eliminators. this exhaust setup sounds sick, it is however very loud because i removed my cats but it really brings out the throtyness of the v8. this is a good setup if you want your 4.6 to sound really mean and loud. also a very noticable power gain throughout the entire rpm range, much less restriction.

    steeda triax shifter- this mod comes highly recommended, it is cheap, easy to install and you will enjoy it every time you drive your 5speed. this shifter is so much better than the stock one, i could not go back to stock.

    ram heavy duty clutch- this a a very streetable clutch while still giving better grip than stock, it's a good mild upgrade from the stock clutch. install took about 4.5 hours including getting my flywheel turned and tracking down a new pilot bearing. you do have to drop the tranny so this isn't really an install for amatures. also would not reccomend doing if you don't have access to a lift.

    upr clutch quadrant with adj .cable- this is another install that comes highly recommended for the 5 speed. the stock quadrant is cheap plastic and it has an assist mechanism that makes your clutch feel sloppy. after installying this quadrent (with my stock clutch still in) i had a much firmer and more solid feeling pedal. also i like that it came with an adjustable clutch cable and the whole kit was only about $60. this a a fairly easy install as long as you are flexable enough to get up under your dash.

    diablosport predator computer programmer this was probably the preformance mod that made the most differance. i got this toy after installing all of my other mods, before installing diablo's program on my ecm my car ran a little funky because the stock program didn't know what to do with all of the extra airflow i got from my boltons, after installing this program all of my mods seemed to be working with each other instead of against the computer. my car runs much better now and it really smoothed out my powerband as well as added a noticable increase in hp. i recommend this mod especially if you have a lot of bolt ons already. installation was easy, just plug it in to your diagnostics port and follow the on screen prompts. another cool feature is the data logging, you can download a free program from diablo so that you can log data on to your laptop!

    hope this helps someone out there, these are only my preformance mods (the ones i can think of off the top of my head anyway), the list pretty much doubles if i put my cosmetics up there too. :nice:

    one cosmetic that is probably worth mentioning is the autometer luner gauge cluster. i picked this cluster up second hand at a swap meet for about $200 (that's half price) all i had to do was take off the face and clean it up a little bit and it looks like new. this cluster looks so cool during the day and at night. it looks 100 times better than any of the overlays that you can buy, it does cost a little bit of $, about $400 new, but it's worth it, this is a very nice addition to the interior of any stang. the installation is easy, all you need to do is remove your stock cluster and swap the circuit board to the autometer cluster, this may sound a little difficult but it's really not as long as you are careful not to damage the circuit board in the process.
  19. 02 Sonic Blue GT

    C&L 80mm MAF

    K&N FIPK

    Steeda Pulleys

    Flowmaster 40s

    Cobra R Wheels

    Polished SS Bumper Inserts

    Street Glow Neon Blue Lights

    Pony T Handle