mods under 250$

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  1. Mods under 250 that aren't gears, just simple mods like cais what do u guys think?

  2. Shifter - UPR, MGW, Steeda, Pro5.0, etc.
  3. gears 4:10s 3:73
  4. pulleyes, yes steeda ones kilgore :lol:
  5. so a shifter makes u shift better?.....and is it easy to install ?

  6. Also get a steeda quadrant and clutch adjuster or you will be fixing that 3650. If you dont believe me ask anyone her who breaks things.

    A stock quadrant will make the clutch hott and cause you to miss gears then you will break the synchros. thats why you need it also with the short shifter
  7. buy a used nitrous kit
  8. shifter doesn't make you shift better, it makes the shifts shorter and allows you to shift faster. They are very easy to install and you should even have a little cash left over.
  9. i'd go for a tri ax if you have a 5 speed. Also plenum and t/b gives a pretty good gain. Nice throttle responce and up top power.

    a shifter wont make you shift better it will make it easier to shift. the tri ax is spring loaded 2-3 so basicly you just push up. Once you drive a car with a shifter you cant go back. The stock shifter is to sloppy feeling. That is why people say it will make you shift better

    oh yea go with a tri ax. The mgw is a great every day shifter but if the car is going to see any racing stay away. That shifter sucks for powershifting
  10. i juss replaced my pro 5.0 on my cobra a few minute ago and installed a mgw....i didnt think it had an aftermarket shifter till i started opening things up...then im like oops... but since i already had the mgw here i juss swapped it....mgw is MUCH quieter......havent really driven it alot... juss took it around the block to make sure everything was ok....i will be selling the pro 5.0, pm me for more details....
  11. Remove intake air silencer, lower windshield wipers, install some Sylvania Silverstars, drop in K&N, SeaFoam all 3 ways, clean MAF, reset PCM, do some other preventitive maintenance. Should be right around $250...
  12. get some subfames or short shifter or pullies or TB and plenum.
  13. If you want anything appearance related you could go for a Mach 1 chin spoiler.
  14. lol!
    Where can I get some? I haven't been able to find that stuff since 1998. I'm a tellin' ya, it sells like hotcakes ... Dealers can't keep it on the shelves.
  15. KaleCo makes some tyte shyyte.

    I bought their O pipe exhaust kit for my other ride, it flowed so damn good it blew my engine!!!
  16. I'd get rear lower control arms and new shocks or a styling bar.
  17. Where are you guys getting a Throttle Body and Plenum for under $250? The C&L Plenum looks to be about $180, but a good Throttle Body is more expensive, isn't it? An Accufab will run you $230 from what I've seen.

    Am I completely misled on the pricing, or do you guys have a good source for these components?