Monte Carlo SS

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  1. How fast are the new monte carol ss with the 303hp 5.3Lt V8? It says that the small block V8 cylinder heads were originally developed for the Corvette Z06. Their pent–roof combustion chambers and flat–top pistons deliver high horsepower. The composite intake manifold design allows the small block V8 to deliver high levels of torque at low– and mid–range engine speeds, while still delivering plenty of air flow for peak engine horsepower.
  2. so what. it still sucks. they all suck.
  3. I agree they SUCK :notnice:
  4. it gots the engine right but its front wheel drive, how gay is that:rlaugh:
  5. I agree. Now my friends 1985 Monte SS (back when they were rear wheel drive) is one sick looking and sounding car but his is also slow.
  6. I agree. Those mid 80's SS's I thought looked really good. Too bad the engine sucked.
  7. Yeah the 305 is nothing to brag about. But they could be made fast pretty cheap.
  8. i had an '84 ss and it was a slow piece of crap stock. it took a new engine and tranny to make it worth driving.
  9. i didnt even know that they had a new SS, are they already out?

    5.3 v8? with a front wheel drive? seems weird.

    i was going to say that the 5.3 seems like an odd engine size, but then i remembered that chevy made a 327 for the camaros back in the day so never mind...ehh its late. i think i need to get some sleep.
  10. Chevy is applying SS to everything. Guess that's a good thing getting more and more performance minded manufacturers. I'd take that SS Trailblazer anyday! Its pretty sweet for an SUV....but can't hold it against the SRT Jeep.
  11. Its like the 5.3 in the trucks prob but tuned different
  12. There's a new Monte SS in my neighbor hood, black, I think it's pretty sweet lookin, I'd consider one, but f'n FWD for the lose. I'd much rather a Hemi Charger instead.

  13. yeah that little SS blazer has the LS-2 6.0L engine with 400ft/lbs of torque and 395 hp when i first read it i was like WTF!!!!!
  14. Cost a pretty penny...but I can have my speed, a family vehicle, and a tow vehicle all in one. Almost perfect. If only it had a built in strip club in the back. And they're not half bad looking for an SUV.
  15. id imagine that they are pretty fast, but they do look like crap. dont they look the same as the v6 crap ones that have been out the last couple of years? once i think about those 6 cyl it ruins the looks for me.
  16. the beauty of the older RWD Monte's was the fact that you could stick in a GNX motor from a buick. Hmmm... turbo GNX!!!
  17. turbo 301 pontiac... in a monte carlo now that's GM performance for you.