MRT H Pipe and Exhaust Leak

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Gray02GT, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. So, I had the MRT H PIPE put on about 2 weeks ago and there was a ticking noise, with both the mechanic and MRT told me was probably pipe noise. Of course they never actually took a ride in the car to hear how loud it was.

    Regardless, I took it to a muffler shop today just to have them test for a leak and see if they could fix it, and they said there is a 'wisp' coming from the exhaust manifold on the left (left if you were sitting in / standing behind the car.

    They tightened things as tight as they could and the leak is still there as bad as ever, so my question is what do I do next? The guy at the muffler shop said perhaps I had a cracked exhaust manifold, but I had absolutely zero problems before the MRT Pipe.

    I'm not quite sure what to do, I remmeber someone saying they had the same problem with the Magnaflow pipe and had to use bolts without stops or something, but I can't find that thread.

    Any ideas? Im a mechanical retard (literally) so any help is appreciated.

  2. it is 7:30pm, cold out(35F), here I am trying to yet seal my X-pipe again... Darn passenger side mani connecter......

    Driver side manuihold stud has this "sholder" i guess to say. Most people with leaky H or X pipe probrem is usually that. Flange will hit the sholder befor it pull both pipe enough to make good seal. I think fix is to replace the stud with one for Taurus or something like that. Do the serch. there was countless thread about this.

    Good luck :nice:
  3. Thank you mity. That helps bunches. This fix should work for a Cobra too should it not?
  4. i assume so
  5. Mrt has corrected the problems with their pipes.. give em a call and i know they can help!
  6. good thing i got the brand new stainless steel version of the MRT h-pipe..
  7. Yeah, i heard that when they first came out they had some probs.. but i bought one .. and I love the sound and performance gains i got......
  8. I have one of the first Catted h-pipes from MRT. I like the sound and had no major problems, but mine just doesn't fit right. My left tailpipe is at a different angle than the right pipe, and actually points upward.
  9. i do know that they had some probs.. but mine fit fine!!!

    check your adjustments!!!!