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  1. I have a RT202 Road Thunder amp, when i first got it in July, it did not work and blew fuses. Took it back and they gave me another one. Now , 5 months later, it blew its fuse again. As soon as it turns on it blows. It was real cold this morning, but I don't see why it should blow because its cold. Anyone have any thoughts?
  2. ground, make sure it is DRY around the amp.... crossed speaker wires..
  3. Ground is good, straight into the floor pan of the hatch. Sanded the paint off first for a good ground. Dry; no water in the hatch area at all, just moisture that is in the air. It worked fine for 4 months.
    The place replaced it, but they were going to make me send it in and wait. Untill, I told them I just drove 2 hrs and I wanted another amp. The guy started asking what speakers and how they were wired. I told him I bought it all from them and hooked it up like they said. They ended up putting it back in the box and shipping it back like it was bad when they installed it.
    They said they didn't have any problems with the rt202, but I'm calling MTX's 800 # on Monday and seeing what the deal is on this problem.
    The place did write on my receipt that if it happens again, they will upgrade the amp. The next best one I guess. Will see how this one holds up but I'm thinking twice about MTX amps.

    Anyone else have similar problems with amps or is it just my luck :shrug:
  4. i wouldnt think twice about mtx amps, now if it was a pyrimid, i would of told you it is worth more to burn it with a torch and see the smoke than to listen to it. mtx makes good stuff. im running a 801d at 800watts mono at 2 ohms, really pushes around 1000. its running 3 mtx thunder 6000 tens in a wedge box made for mustangs and camaros. sounds great, if you want a great 4 channel amp and you decide to not look at mtx, i would suggest looking at eclipse, but buy off of ebay, you will save hundreds.
  5. ok, thanks. I will let you know what the guys at MTX have to say when I call them tomorrow. Maybe I just got a bad batch in the first part of August. I'm also going to ask them if where I got mine is an authorized dealer or not. Could they be getting there amps second hand or some outlet?
  6. MTX Says

    MTX says that I must have just got a couple of bad amps. Went over how I have it hooked up and they said it was fine. I told them about the dealer and the possible upgrade. They agreed that the dealer was trying to take care of me. They said the upgrade would be like going from good to better or best.

    Also asked about operating in cold weather. They recommended at least a 5-10 minute warm up on the speakers before really pumping them. Nice to know considering I don't live in Florida :D .

    P.S. Good Job American Soldiers on the capture of Saddam :flag: