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  1. Are these transmissions trash like I keep hearing?

    If so, avoiding this generation of Mustang. Every build that I see going on on other forums are replacing this transmission for a Tremec :shrug:
  2. Seems like they tend to fail when you start adding the HP.
  3. Well that's not good. Might have to avoid it them.

    Heard they tend to act up in cold weather and some people had completely stock rebuilds at within the first year of ownership.

    Think this is really the weak link in the stang.
  4. From what I understand, there have been some improvements made to the 2013-2014 transmission (tougher synchros, etc.). I also read that an aftermarket shifter will help. I recommend doing some searching around online. It's how I became comfortable with buying one. I have no plans to add a lot of power, though, since this is my commuter car.
  5. There is a TSB for using a different fluid in colder weather.

    I installed a Steeda Shifter Bushing, ditching the stock foam one, and have noticed a significant improvment.
  6. I've experienced the shifting problem only during the cold months. Which in Louisiana and Texas isn't very long and once the fluids warm up there's no longer any problems. The shifting is 100x better too after I installed a MGW shifter and from what I've read in other forums some guys have even better shifting with stiffer engine mounts. Since the shifter is a remote system it twists with the car, not the engine. From what I have read the transmission doesn't do well if you're doing a lot of pulls with a 600+ RWHP car. I should've said more when I first posted, but I was tired. If you want a better transmission with no worries then you'd do the tranny swap with the better Tremec T56 Magnum, but it'll cost ya.
  7. See, the weak limk in a muscle car shouldn't be the transmission. I read that there are a few things that solve others problems:fluid, shifter, stiffer mount;but, shouldn't have to be this way.

    Why break it when it works. Getrag trash

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  8. Well people complain about the T-5 and the T-3650 too so it's not like it's a new thing...
  9. I only hate my 3650 on days that end with y. Other than those days, it's great.

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  10. Hey Hey! Get back down there to the SN-95 thread! :stick:
  11. The Tremec Magnum is a beast.

    I mean if it's good enough for Chevy...
  12. My 2014 gt with track pack seems fine. For me it took a little practice getting used to the close gates. I have no shifting issues so with 6500 miles. The skip shift has been eliminated by ford. Not sure of any other changes. I do have a slight gear whine at lower Rpm's. But no big deal. The shifting seems to be getting smoother the more miles I drive. It goes in storage soon so I cant comment on cold weather. In the mid 50's , in the morning. So far so good. ( Im all stock )
  13. Swap the short throw and bracket- but if you're like me and are into forced induction kits - you'll want a Tremec. I'm sitting around 580hp at the moment. However, I'm afraid to launch hard because I'll probably cut its life in half. I hear it can last up to 590ft lbs, so I should be okay. Shame on Ford...
  14. I don't understand. Ford Racing offers a 600hp blower, but they don't make a recommendation to swap the transmission. But I guess there is a difference between an argument from silence and reality.
  15. I would be hard pressed to believe that Ford went with the current 5.0 transmission for any other reason than the fact that it was cheap and "good enough" to sell. Like I said, it'll probably hold up with those numbers, but I'm not going to live on borrowed time doing hard launches to find out.
  16. My fifth gear syncho went out @ 25,000.
  17. I had a 2012 GT and now a 2014 GT and the MT82 is adequate but was a bit notchy....I installed a SR Performance Shifter Bracket from American Muscle and it made all the difference...And wait until you see the stock bracket!! Amazing that Ford would use something so cheap on such a great car...I mean, it uses wire ties??...WTF!! The SR Performance piece is a great upgrade for less than $50 and about 30 minutes...