My horrible experiences with aftermarket hipo fan blades..

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  1. Just thought I would post up on this.....I have now had 3 different hipo fan blades, purchased from 3 different suppliers and made by 2 different manufacturers.....all three have thrown a blade at one of the "star points" that the blades are riveted to. Just sheered off. 1 the blade hit the strut support on the passenger side, went up under the battery and dented the battery tray, second time it hit the support in the center of the hood right at the crest (but didnt dent the hood on the outside), third time it hit the strut support on the other side and went out the bottom. EVERY TIME it took the fan shroud with it. I have no idea how it didnt hit the fender apron/engine bay walls, belts, hoses, BATTERY, or anything that was more important. This has been over the last 4 years.....I have never heard such a thing, but I thought I would let yall know.......I have given up on looking somewhat original and going with a flexalite 1300 fan in the near future......
  2. that happened to my buddy's 79 z28, except it happened when he was leaning over reving the car up by the carb. 3 blades came off, took out the shroud, rad. hose, shop light on the ceiling and one hit him in the shoulder, pretty nasty injury. watch out for crappy fans.
  3. This suggests that the fans were incorrect for the application or not properly installed. As has been mentioned, this can be DANGEROUS. Even with a good and correct fan, NEVER lean over it while revving the engine! :nice:

  4. Ok, I am going to sound a little cynical and sarcastic here, but no disrespect in the hell is the wrong way to install a solid fan? Its a small block ford....the motor peaks at 6600rmps and rarely sees the race track (like 2 times in the last year for a total of 7 passes). I mean, its not like I was using a chevy fan and a mopar spacer!
  5. LOL, I just noticed that you now have an "8th Rule"!!!!

  6. Thats what i was thinking. I found a huge crack in mine, and quickly replaced it with a flex lite. No problems yet at 7k shifts.
  7. Flex fans are notorious for discombobulating and destroying nice things.
  8. Then i will have everything replaced, because they say they are good for 10k. At least they better replace everything.
  9. I'm going to be replacing my flex fan with a clutch fan. Less noisy, too.
  10. I had a flex fan no problems with it.. drove 3 years with it... Dumb question.. Are u sure there was no clearance issues? Like tapping the shroud or something causing you too lose fan blades.. To me it sounds like issues with the surrounding area not the fans. just my .02

  11. SUPER DAVE you are by far the cooest! :nice: Hy hayden fan has been great buy I still fear it and am cautious around it-there razor sharp!!!
  12. These HIPO fan blades are repros, or aftermarket? Can you name names, where did you get them & what brands were they.. we need to put pressure on the people who sell that kind of garbage. The parts suppliers have a responsibility to at least keep us from getting killed by fan blades that come loose and fly off.

    Now I've heard everything.

  13. I got 2 from national parts depot and one from either mustangs plus or mustangs unlimited. NPD was very cool about it. I got to talking with one of the supervisors and they actually credited my account by the cost of the blade and sent me a new one for free. The second time I called up and found out who their supplier was and called around until I found someone who used a different supplier. I dont remember who it was as it was more than a year ago now. They are the standard repro hipo fans with 5 blades. The car is not a daily driver and has spent most of the last year inside only getting driven 1 day a week.
  14. Has anyone had the same kind of problems with the repro fan & clutch setups?

  15. BTW, mine was solid no clutch and I used a Ford vintage spacer on it, not a new aftermarket universal one.
  16. I can't wait to go electric.
  17. When I bought my Mach in 1998, it had a flex fan. Thank God I removed it to do some work. I found small cracks all around the rivets. I replaced it with a NOS Ford fan blade. Everyone I talked to told me this is a common problem with those fans. RAY
  18. I've had the same aluminum flex fan in my car going on 20 years! I put it in after the fan clutch went bad & I started to overheat.
  19. I am going to go with a flex a lite 1300 17" will actually get me more power released....the only reason that I was using the hipo fan was to keep up appearances of a mostly vintage stock motor......they are about $32 from summit.