My lifted GMC

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by 96Forged281, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Man, has that thing ever seen dirt? hahaha, just kidding.

    Looks great though. That body style is mean looking, and adding the lift and tires just adds to it.

    You could probaly park ontop of the red Silverado in the last pic, lol.
  2. That is one clean machine! It'd be a huge pain to have to clean it after having some off-road fun. :p
  3. It needs cleaned right now, badly :lol:
  4. Time to hit the dunes! :p
  5. That's off-road? Must not be from the South.
  6. Its a $30k truck, Im not going to beat the hell out of it by taking it off road
  7. Why not? Its a truck. Where I'm from people have half ton trucks to full ton trucks and they USE them. Pulling, trails, mud, on farm, where ever.

    Its kind of pointless in my opinion to spend that amount of money to have the looks of a truck, and not use it as a truck. Could've spent a lot less if you just wanted a pretty looking truck.
  8. Some of us just want a nice looking truck. I got it for 0% and I can afford it. Do I want to replace broken parts or get scratches all over the truck? No

    I live in central california for one. I would take it off road here and there but its just not my thing.

    Just like a guy that buys a fast ass mustang and not race all around hell in it.


  9. OK
  10. Nice GMC Sierra Dood,Id rather Drive that than a V6 Mustang!
  11. looks good man