My New 5.0 W/ I-1 Procharger

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  1. Quick pic of my car getting the new i-1 Procharger @ LaMotta Performance near Orlando, FL for an upcoming article in MM&FF! Pretty awesome set up & I've had them all! You can literally turn the blower off and on w/ a touch screen and it makes full boost almost instantly! Couldn't be happier and everyone apart of it especially LaMotta Performance, MM&FF & of course ProCharger!
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  2. Somebody has a lot of $$$ :)
  3. How much did that setup run you ?? Looks awesome, I want to add a pro-charger to mine this winter, although I may do suspension first. What kind of HP are you making with that ?
  4. Great choice....can't wait to get a customer to go that route.

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  5. Awesome!! Can't wait to read about this in MM&FF. I've been dying to get some details on this s/c and how well it works on our cars since I read about it last year. This is definitely (as long as all goes well) the route I plan to go once the price gets a little more reasonable.