My new sig!

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  1. Whats up guys...
    Made a new sig...not very car related but I think it's pretty cool:

    Refresh the page for a new combo! :)
    Remember to add your combo:

    I'm thinking its a tiny bit too big...what do you think?
  2. I got a new one to...
  3. isint there another member who goes by killercanary?
  4. Huh?
    Refresh the page...and check the sig.
  5. huh its different now.....weird
  6. lol that's what I'm trying to say....
    If you reload the page, it grabs a random member's combo!!!
    If you want your combo to be part of the randomness..
    add it at

    Then yours will be part of the cycle!
    The people's combo that are in the sig were added to that database a long time ago. So add your combo!
  7. ohhh i get 94 is stock though so i could write e.t. as like a hour or something lol:D
  8. Chris, I noticed that the other day, I like it alot. Did you make it yourself?
  9. SYNNED that is cool
  10. sorry I think I did mine twice, you can delete one!
  11. I wish I had skills to make one, a friend made it for me
  12. that is cool, but imo, too big
  13. Thanks guys, yeah I'll scale it back a bit too.