my new toy: 70 Mach 1

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  1. this is my recently aqcuired 1970 mach one. i am currently 18 years of age. i have always wanted one of these as my family has always been into fords and my dad has a 67' fastback and my mom has a 66' coupe. i have always been partial to fastbacks particularly 69-70's and we actually had one at one time but at the time i was like 12 yrs. old and it was considered in pretty bad condition plus other circumstances forced its sale but i restored a vw and sold it about a year ago and several months ago we began looking for a 65-70 fastback to restore. i thought we would never find one. i didnt have a lot to spend but i had enough that i would figure i could find a decent car to start with but it was turning out to not be true. finally we ran back up on this car which we found a few years ago but it was not for sale and one day the guy called us up out of the blue and i was like that exactly what im looking for and we went to look at it (it was about an hours' drive away) and came home and he wanted a little more than what i had so i was able to scratch up and borrow enough so we went back the same day and snagged it. i got really lucky because at the time we got it our leads on mustangs were just about all gone. most of the cars we were pursuing had all almost turned out to be not what i was looking for either not for sale, out of my price range, or turned into coupes before we got there to look at them so i am really relieved to have found a car. all of the unrestored mustangs are dissapearing. anywa about the car. it is a 70' mach one. it was an origional 351 2 - barrel car. it had air but there were not really any exterior options but it is possible that these could have been lost over the years as the car had been very ameaturely restored at one time. it has no spoilers or louvers. it has the normal scoop not a shaker. it came with the mach one style hub caps which are still on it. it currently has a later model 302 in it that has a few mods done to it and it runs pretty stoutly. i was quite suprised as we bought the car as the motor being locked up but when we got it home this turned out to be a false statement as we dropped a battery in and it spun over. added some fresh gas and she came right to life. it has a mild cam in it, headers, flowmaster exhuast, edelbrock aluminum intake, holley 4 barrel. it has a c6 trans with some sort of stall converter in it. im not sure if the trans would have been origional or not. it also has a 9" rearend with approximately at 3.40 gear give or take (just by turning it) and it is not limited slip so that seemed strange so i dont know if this is origional or not either. it doesnt really concern me as i plan to build the car to drive as opposed to show so im gonna build it the way i want. i have a 351w short blcok which i plan to build up for it possibly a 393 stroker or supercharged or both. who knows but for right now the 302 runs good. anyway there it is. my long awaited and searched for mustang and i am proud of it.

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  2. Congrats on your new Stang. Very nice choice. I got my first Stang at 18, so I know how ya feel :cool:
  3. :nice: Good Things come to those who wait.

    I fell in Love with a 70 Boss351 20+ yrs ago,
    Wife & new daughter = No Deal.
    Fast forward, Found 70 Mach1 Fairly orig 2V auto a/c
    Like yours just long scoop only.
    rod out in motor and trans shot.

    A week later while with a friend,Came across 351CJ 4sp
    motor and trans on garage floor of guy who was to move in a month.
    500.00 and it's in the car and running.

    Am working on making it better than the Boss that I had to let pass.


    ps. you have chosen one of the yrs that will cost the most for trim peices.
    I am still looking. :rolleyes:
  4. pabear - you fell in love with a 70 boss 351? sure you dont mean 302 or 429? or 71? :stick: :D
  5. :lol: The Boss9 Hold a Special place in My Heart. :hail2:
    But I HAD a Boss302 and sold it to move out west. That So pure 6500.00 car was SSooo Nice.

    Now, Their still to many $ to own and I like the Idea of pushing out more Ponys than the BB's with less weight. My Gal is heavy enough. :p

  6. Congrats on the Mach 1 !! Sure beats my 1st Mustang alot of years ago..... a '76 Mustang II 4cyl coupe :rolleyes: