Mystery Oil From Lower Intake Hose

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  1. Hello all I've been having hesitation when the car is hot. So while checking the vacuum hoses this hose (pic attached) popped off, possibly was already off. it is connected to the lower intake and it wraps around under the plenum. The lower intake where the hose connects is not threaded.

    How is this hose supposed to be held in place? There is oil sprinkled everywhere. Is this hose supposed to have oil in it? thank you

    WP_20130905_005.jpg WP_20130905_006.jpg Edelbrock Performer lower intake.JPG
  2. That is the PCV Valve and Rubber Grommet, just shove it back in place. After looking at those pics a 2nd time the rubber hose does not look factory to me, you may want to buy a new hose.
  3. That is your PCV valve/hose. There are often fitment issues with the stock PCV grommet and aftermarket intakes. Clean it up, take some RTV and put it around the perimeter of the lip and then replace it in the hole. Let it set up. I don't see the screen for the PCV grommet which is an important part.
  4. great you guys rock i will replace the grommet and add the filter + RTV thanks. so is the oil normal?
    HW1963.jpg HW1964.jpg
  5. oil is normal, though your screen likely needs cleaned or replaced and that will catch alot of it
  6. great thank you
  7. Glad we could help ya!
  8. sorry guys i have a new issue. the PCV Valve filter fills the hole completely. there is no room for the grommet/PCV Valve/hose assembly. Am i missing something?
  9. got the wrong one....
  10. derp, nevermind.