Need Help. Converting A V6 Auto To V8 Manual

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 1985 lx conversion, May 23, 2014.

  1. So I traded my beat ranger for a super clean 1985 lx hatch back. I decided to do the work and convert every thing over to v8 manual. i bought a doner car to get the majority of the parts needed. the wiring on the car i bought was butchered so i got rid of it. where in canada can i buy a new harness and does any one have a part #. and maybe an extinsive parts and todo list. i have done this conversion before but i had help this one im doing on my own. and if anyone knows problems i may run into along the way that would be great. thanks everyone
  2. first does either car have EFI? if not then the swap becomes much easier as all the wiring generally swaps over easily. you might have to extend some wires, but thats easy enough.

    the K member doesnt need to be touched as they are the same. the V8 goes in place using stock V8 mounts. the drive shaft might need to be changed as the length may be different though, so look for that. you will need to ultimately upgrade the radiator to handle the heat from the V8, especially if you hop up the V8.

    you obviously will need to swap over the pedal support, and punch a hole for the clutch cable.
  3. the v6 is throttle body fuel inj. but im going with a carbed 302. i got the foot pedals from my doner. i also grabed the rear end, and drive shaft, my biggest concern is the wiring, can i buy a harness for a carbed engine, i was checking out late modle resto. and i could only find efi harness' other things I was looking at that made me curious was the speedo cable from the auto trans does that go into the borg werner t5?
  4. i would not have undertaken this project if the car wasnt so clean
  5. since you are going carb, its easy enough to make a harness that fits your needs. get a wiring diagram for your V6 car, and one for the V8 car, and work from there. you will see what wires you need and what ones you dont. you might even be able to repurpose wires from the EFI to work with the carb.