Need help from a moderator

Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by 95_red_gt, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. I signed up us, but everytime I click on my name to view or edit my profile it goes to a founding member named 95redgt. Notice it doesn't have any periods as spaces. I can't view my profile or edit it. Can any moderators help me out. Thanks so much!!
  2. You need to pick a name that doesn't involve special characters.
  3. Any way to change it?
  4. Please provide a unique user name not taken and it's yours, mate.
  5. Do you want me to re-sign up, or just tell you on this thread and you can change it?
  6. So I just saw another member has characters in between letters, 85_SS_302_Coupe, so are underscores different from periods?
  7. Let me know, I can change it, mate.
  8. If you can change it to read 95_red_gt, that would be great. If not, change it to golfpro95. Thanks timeless.
  9. Name change complete.
  10. Thanks so much Timeless!!