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  1. ok so first i have done some research but i cant seem to find a solid answer. i think its most likely because i dont have someone walking though the steps with me to access my specific problem. here is what is going on i have a 1996 GT i got it pretty beat up and have been nursing it back to where its taken care of. when i got it it had overheating problems the intake had the predicable crack radiator was held with JBweld(to bad it exploded on me before i relized it). so i have put on a new intake manifold,thermostat (180),and radiator when i disconected then fan i noticed the clip was all burnt up my uncle gave me one of his old mishimoto fans i hooked it up(using either 10 or 12 gauge wire not 100% certain atm) wired it correctly and it was working(im pretty sure it wasnt kickin off its been like 7 months that its been sitting).anyway it caught on fire and burnt up the wires luckily i put it out before it did any damage.these are the other problems i have ran into 1 time i had to get it towed it would start up and idle for a little bit but the second i gave it any gas it would cut out. had it towed back home went to show my buddy what it was doing so he could tell me if he thought it was fuel pump, it started idled and acted completely normal hasnt done it still has me a little worried also my AC doesnt blow cold at all anyway i could really use some help with what steps i should take this is my first stang and the first car i have done all the work on myself
  2. Oh also the battery light stays on when started
  3. Pull codes brother
  4. Any electrical device that catches fire isn't wired correctly. #12 wire is too small for the amps needed by a fan. #10 may be too small as well depending upon the fan's design.

    As a reminder, the GT uses a two speed cooling fan. If you replace the two speed fan with a single speed fan, EXPECT problems.

    Another thing to consider is normally a cooling fan cycles on and off. IF the fan is running all of the time, this will draw more power and increase the wire heating. (IE, the importance of using the correct two speed fan).

    For the GT, the SLOW speed fan runs when the AC is on. If the fan isn't running when the AC is on, this will affect the AC. It's quite possible that if the AC is running while the fan isn't, this may make the head pressure go above the high limit. There is a safety valve that will vent the Freon. Once enough Freon is lost, the AC will shut off due to low pressure.

    Recommendation. Today's cars will not run right without a strong battery and charging system. Start first by fixing why the battery light is on. Look for blown fuses. Look for burnt wires. Have the alternator tested.

    Next, fix the cooling fan to factory specs. Resist the urge to "mod" the factory set up until your car knowledge improves.

    Cover the basics the move on.

    Consider getting yourself a Ford service manual. The forums can't take the place of a professionally written service manual. IMO, this will be the best $$ spent towards the correct repair of your car.