need help with a gt40 intake swap

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  1. hi every one just needed some help with my gt40 swap right now i have a 91 gt and a stock intake i have got a gt40 intake that i would like to put on i took the upper intake off the car and now i need help with all the vac lines what to use and what not to use what to block and what not to block any help would be great thanks.
  2. Just take notes of where the vacuum lines go on the stock intake when you pull it off and make sure you have access to the same amount and size ports when you put the new intake on , its not any set way of doing it , just make sure you dont have any extra open ports that you forget to cap off when you are done
  3. I have done both a Ford Racing GT40 and a TFS Sreet Heat Intake. I just made sure all Vaccume lines and hoses went to where they did with the stock intake. I just labeled what went to where when I pulled them off. And any other vaccume port not used needs to be capped off!
  4. The place you will have a leak is the pcv valve grommet. The grommet they sell for the lower intake at the back never fits in the manifold tight, it will just wobble in the hole loose. A lot of people silicone it shut and tight. I found a better way, go to the auto parts store and buy a regular universal pcv valve grommet that fits in v8 aftermarket valve covers. it comes in a plastic sealed package with a breather grommet from spectre company. Then clean the intake where the grommet goes in so there is no oily residue, push the grommet in the hole, it wont be tight until you put the pcv valve in, then lightly oil the pcv valve and press it into the grommet and the whole assembly will be super tight and sealed.
  5. I just make sure that all the vacuum lines run to a tree that will fit. Vacuum is vacuum. Doesn't much matter which hose goes where. Any unused port has to be capped like said above.
  6. does anyone have any pics of theres that they could post?
  7. plus the new intake does not have a vacuum tree any advice is needed thanks
  8. im having that problem right now... did you ever get answer to your question?
  9. Vacuum is vaccum... It doesn't matter where you connect the lines as long as the hoses and fittings are the same size.

    Vacuum line connections:
    One large vacuum line from the upper front goes to the carbon canister

    One large vacuum line from the rear goes to the vacuum tree.

    One small line in the front feeds the Smog pump solenoid control valves on the rear of the passenger side wheel well..

    One small line in the rear goes to the fuel pressure regulator.

    One small line in the rear goes to the EGR suction regulator.

    One large line in the rear goes to the PVC valve.

    Diagram courtesy of Tmoss & Stang&2birds - Typical Vacuum Routing for a Fox stang 5.0: mustangFoxFordVacuumDiagram.jpg

    See the following website for some help from Tmoss (diagram designer) & Stang&2Birds (website host) for help on 88-95 wiring Mustang FAQ - Wiring & Engine Info
  10. thank you sir! you always got the answers!
  11. i think it`s crazy how people charge $200 or more for GT40 intakes but i went to a junk yard and got a GT40 intake off an explorer and only paid $30 bucks for it. I called a machine shop and they wanted $150 to port it out but the guy i talked to was great and honest and said if i have a dremel i could do it myself so at first i was affraid to do it but said screw it since i only paid $30 for it so i ported it myself and turned out great. SO all in all i got a upper and lower GT40 intake and ported it for $30 bucks lol 021.jpg
  12. i`m putting the intake on this weekend so this is the old one but it should work great with the vortech supercharger i`m running with 12lbs of boost
  13. If you want your intake ported, look up Tom Moss. He is the best. Period.
  14. I was just reading a build thread on corral where a guy with an e cam, t-moss explorer intake, and afr 175's laid down 320 to the wheels naturally aspirated. normally I would say that combo was good for 280-90 tops. Just goes to show how good tmoss's work is.
  15. Oh i already did the porting myself but who is tom moss
  16. And stykthyn if that pic is of you theres nothin better then a gorgeous girl that knows her cars
  17. tom(tmoss) is a member on this site. old school guy that ports the hell out of some intakes. he has an explorer based engine with a stock cam that lays down close to 300hp.
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    avatar is Adriana Lima
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