Need help with throttle cable.


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Apr 11, 2020
Frederic WI
I have a 83 fox that was a 2.3auto and now is a 302 t5. The 4cyl throttle cable did not work with my edelbrock carb. I found a stock throttle cable bracket At Tim Baxter’s place. I purchased a V8 throttle cable for it and installed it. With my double return spring setup, the cable gets stuck between 50%~75% throttle. Only way to unstick it is to floor it and it unsticks itself. I am tired of dealing with it. I want to know exactly what people are using for their setup. I’ve read other posts where everyone just says use an AED bracket and lokar cable with no direction, and I’ve heard people say use an AED bracket with stock cable. I am running an edelbrock carb and I will not switch to Holley. Will an AED bracket work with the edelbrocks? I am very lost.
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