Need to replace my seats.

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  1. My OG driver seat just broke and I am thinking about replacing rather than fixing the rail and seat. If I do that then I am going to replace the passenger seat also. I am thinking of going with a Recaro style seat with the adapter for the Stang but not sure what companies are out there. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  2. You can go with flo fit seats but they are very costly. What I would do is get a set of fox body GT seats from the junk yard or ebay and then use TMI's retro upholstery that matches the classic Mustang factory upholstery.

  3. same here. i have buckets from an 86 mustang GT that are the most comfortable seats i've ever driven in. i had them in my stang for many years and removed them when i decided to put the car up for sale so i could re-use them in my 69 cougar project. i'll probably get the Mach 1 style leather upholstery from TMI for them and recover them before i put them back in the cougar. also thinking about buying some blue/black houndstooth upholstery and having TMI use that for the inserts in the seats with the leather outer surfaces, they use vinyl on the seat backs and other non-seating are surfaces on their upholstery which is fine with me since it might be cheaper for me that way. i do know that they add quite a bit of foam to the upholstery to get those deep pleats on their mach 1 kits so that should make these seats even more comfortable.

    firero seats are another popular option too, they are similar to a recaro style seat with deep side bolsters but they aren't as direct a bolt in as the fox body seats. the fox body seats only need 2 new holes drilled in the seat frame to re-use your stock seat tracks whereas the fiero seats require lot's of custom bracketry or redrilling your seat platforms and floor boards to the fiero pettern.

    also quite a few early 80's fox body stangs had actual recaro seats, all of the early cobra and indy pace cars had recaro seats basically from 79-83 in 84 the GT seats changed and i honestly believe they are flo-fits but could still be made by recaro, i'm not real sure which. they could even be some other brand altogether as well. also a lot of early 80's firebirds had recaro seats too, mainly pace car and anniversary models but there were a few others as well. 80's BMW's are also a good place to look for recaros too. i'm guessing that the fox body recaros and 84-up GT seats will be easier to find though.
  4. Looking to do the same to my 68. theres a guy on vintage forums (JonK) who used seats out of a 90GT. look great and he says they are very comfortable. very easy to modify to fit. He is also planning on the TMI upholstry.
  5. I like the TMI Mach 1 style seats myself, but the "Pony" Seats are also cool.