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  1. Hello Mustang fans! With all due respect to Ford Mustangs, im from and we need your help with a problem.
    Our vehicles which would be, 1976-1980 Plymouth Volare's & Dodge Aspen's were upfitted with T-Tops by a company called Cars & Concepts and suffer from cracked, weather beat, worn-out T-Top weatherstripping. No one currently makes any reproduction T-Top seals for our cars and there are no NOS weatherstripping available.

    1st question:
    Did Cars & Concepts upfit T-Tops for the 1981-1988 Ford Mustangs?
    2nd question:
    Can some of you post pictures of all the weatherstrip pieces used for your 1981-1984 T-Top Mustangs. I believe this is the same style T-Tops that are used in our Volare's & Aspen's.

    Ive looked at several pictures of the T-Top weatherstrip kits that are on ebay for 1981-1984 Mustangs and the weatherstrip look very similar, I just need some measurements and better detailed pictures to be sure.

    Here are some photos, I will try to take some of my car tomorrow to show you guys what the weatherstrip looks like.
    Thanks alot guys.

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  2. Anyone able to take off their t-top glass and measure the weatherstrip that runs around the body of the car? Getting ready to buy a set of the weatherstrip but would definetly like some measurements to compare with mine.