Needing Help Identifying Trim Package

Luke Remington

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May 7, 2017
Hey guys I'm new here, we have a 88 mustang gt 5.0 that has been in my family since I can remember. I can't find another mustang like it online. I'm wanting to know from anyone if this mustang is rare or if they know what package it has on it. Any information on this certain style would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Feb 18, 2001
Looks like a standard Mystang that someone changed the wheels, and added the spoiler and convertible styling bar and added the emblem on the dash.

Someone added them to the car at some point. The spoiler looks too narrow for the trunk and the curve doesn't match the fox straight lines.

To be frank, you'd more than likely increase the value of the car if you removed those items. Clean stock Fox bodies are commanding a premium and yours is rather clean.
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Nov 28, 2015
I kind of agree with what Mike said.

The late eighties and early nineties had a lot of people wanting to add stuff to there cars that were different.

Outside of Saleen and a few specialty packages from dealerships (Dominators, etc....) it really doesn't add to the value of your car. What I think you have is a mustang that some one customized with stuff they liked at the time.

Doesn't make it wrong necessarily, but Mike is right, you have a very clean GT that would be worth more in it's original form.

But just to answer any upcoming questions about your extras. I never have seen a styling bar like the one you have. The addition of the Ford emblem tells me that someone put that in there at one time just because they liked it. The emblem really should come off of the dash as well.

Again, you have a very nice mustang, focus on that, I'm not bashing at all. I don't believe you have a special package though. I've worked on these and other cars at Ford dealerships since the 1970's, I do have some knowledge about fox body variants.
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