new '91 LX stalling

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  1. This if my first post in this Stang specific forum.
    I just bought a 1991 2.3L LX for my son. Overall the car runs great. However, I have had it stall on me at traffic lights when I step on the gas.
    I notice that it does idle abit rough when at a light. If you ease it away it will often stumble abit. If you just tramp it, it seems to get away better.
    I friend that works at a Goodyear garage suggested removing the EGR valve hose and plugging it as a test. He says that the EGR may not be working and plugging the hose would probably make the engine idle smoother, thus pointing to the EGR as the problem.
    This sounds like a logical test.
    What other thoughts do you'll have, since you've worked on these 2.3's much more than I.
    Oh, also, where exactly is the EGR. I have not yet purchased a service manual on this engine to locate this item.
  2. instead of plugging it, how bout cleaning it?

    2 bolts hold it to the engine, and then the egr tube that runs to the manifold is all you have to remove. very simply, take some carb and choke cleaner and go nuts with it.
  3. But if the EGR valve itself is bad, cleaning or plugging the hose probably won't do too much. He really needs a vacuum pump so he can test whether or not the diaphragm holds vacuum or not. Could also be a bad gasket betweent the valve and manifold. What's the engine's vacuum at idle? Also sounds kinda like a mass air meter problem.. any diganostic codes (check engine light)?
  4. if the egr is malfunctioning it should be throwing CEL. I would pull the codes first
  5. Depends on how it has failed.. this is still of course assuming it is the EGR. We haven't even verified that. I don't believe that the EEC-IV ECM in the Fox body Mustangs can monitor EGR FLOW.. they can, for the most part, monitor whether or not the sensor voltage drop is within specifications. I don't think it can't tell if there's a leak or excessive flow.
  6. i would agree with brantley i'm sure the eec 4 runs on voltage references rather then actualy data. it would take a sensor comming way out of voltage range to thro CEL. however if somthing was an int. problem and not consistant then i wouldnt exepct to see the CEL on all the time
  7. Hi ther mark I agree try cleaning the egr valve Instead also check to see if you have any vaccine leaks anywhere!!