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  1. Well, I got my new badges in and put them on over the weekend. I put them in the factory locations on the front fenders. I have an 04 with the 40th anniversary badges and didn't want them to go to waste, so I removed the rear GT badge and put one there. It just didn't seem right without the GT on the car, so I took off the Ford oval and replaced that with the GT badge. I attached a couple of pics and the link for the badges that I added. The rocker panel stripes seem white or gold, but they are actually reflective black and just picked up the flash from the camera.

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  2. nice badges... is there anyway you could measure them for me? in inches, could you measure the top and bottom of them? I think they're 3" on the bottom part and 3.5 on top... is this right?
  3. Very nice man! I wish my 04 came with some kind of stripe on the side :-(
  4. Bump, dragonfan, you comin back?
  5. Yep, I was helping someone move all day. They are 3 5/8 inches on top, 3 1/8 inches on bottom. I wasn't sure about getting the new badges or putting the 40th anniversay badge on the back of the car, but I've already had so many people ask me if this was some special edition car or something.
  6. haha... what do you tell them? thanks for the measurements!
  7. I usually just tell them it's special cause it was modified in my garage. They usually ask where I get my parts and tech info from. I usually email them links to you guys and places that I've bought from.