Mach 1 New exhaust, front to back

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by paultippit, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. 03 Mach 1 (Azure blue)

    ok.. so I am having to pull engine and work the heads over (don't ask) and I figure while I am at it I would change the exhaust which is something I have not done yet. I am wondering what would be the best exhaust system front to back (headers, mid pipe, and cat backs). Honestly, I can see reasons to change the headers and cat backs but am not seeing any reason to replace my OE H-pipe. Advice is appreciated. I have been scanning over the major manufacturers and really dont seem to find one that makes headers, mid, and cat backs (which I think would be ideal to have all from the same manufacturer)

  2. Just offhand I know Bassani and SLP make headers, mid, and catback.
  3. actually the mid pipe will give you more of a performance gain than a catback, catbacks are really only good for changing the sound. also mac makes a complete system for exhaust