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  1. New from Charleston, Sc. I have a 1986 Mustang GT. Love the four eyes. Still a work in progess, DD. So here it is!!!!!! Meet April!!!!:flag:

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  2. :welcome: looks like you got a ways to go on the inside, but hey as long as it gets from A to B until then :shrug:
  3. I have got the inside done, just dont have a good pic, Its not as good as I a want, but yea A to B. Has yet to fail me. She helps me put food on the table. :flag:
  4. Alright side bar now.....Just realized your pict is of the navy nothing against it just in regards to the news yesterday. With the DADT be repealed as of yesterday, how did it make you feel when one of your senior leaders had his partnership televised in accordance with the broadcast. I know every branch has it's select special few, I just found it extra funny that it was the Navy to broadcast nationally with it.
  5. To here my real view on the DADT act we would have to be in face to face conversation, but its the Government they are going to do what ever like and we, at this time and age cant stop them. But I am no longer in the Navy. Gulf War Vet, Just a Proud American now.:flag:
  6. sweet looking 4 eye! welcome :nice:
  7. I here you on that, not much we can do....Just take the blows as they give them, the only difference is your on the outside looking in now, and I'm still here saying yes sir. So for the Persian Gulf were you actually deployed in support of it? I'm not to good with history, but I'm assuming thats the one that took place from 90-91?
  8. Yes, on the Gulf War, I now wish I would have stayed. I would have been retired now. Oh well live and learn. Thanks for Serving, God know its a rough life!!!!:flag:
  9. i just got out of the marine corps. thanks for serving!