1. Hey guys! I just wanted to introduce myself... I just picked up a 94 GT vert last friday. It has a GT40 intake, Borla exhaust, and a short shifter and maybe a few other mods.. I'll get some pics up as soon as I can.

    Now hopefully I can make my car as fast as Ernan's "Slow5.0" :rlaugh:
  2. Welcome, have fun and happy modding :D
  3. What's up iam new as well it's a cool site for us injoy
  4. Hey man, welcome to Stangnet! Good purchase.....

    You'll find alot of pretty useful info on this site, and lots of useless stuff to, but all that stuff'll make you smile.

    Get pics up soon! What color is this thing?

  5. Welcome to Stangnet! We look forward to those pictures of your car. :nice:
  6. Welcome, its always nice to have a few more 'verts around!
  7. Welcome to the 94-95 family. Wise purchase cant wait to see some pics.
  8. I should have some pics up soon.. dang weather around here.. who wouldve though it would be 70 last tuesday and snowing tomorrow.. blah
  9. exact opposite of what he said :D

    welcome to stangnet :nice:
  10. Welcome to El Stangneto Fantastico!
    if you ever need a bull***t to english translation... xr8d302 will be more than willing to help you out!
  11. Hallow........
  12. watch out for this guy too...

    he wears makeup lol

  13. :rlaugh:
  14. :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: