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  1. Hey guys, I've been lurking around here for a little while now and thought I'd make myself known. I'm only 13 now but my dad and I are planning on a foxbody project in year a year or two. I though I'd find a forum and try to learn about the cars. I'm not a complete stang noob tough as my mom has a 2006 GT and my dad has a 1972 mach 1, with more too come:nice: So hopefully I will learn lots. And a early thanx to anyone who answers the questions I'll have down the road.

  2. welcome to the boards :SNSign:
  3. Oh great another ryan... JK man Welcome to the boards, I started lurking around that age as well and signed up when I was 14, I have come ALONG way since then! Just don't post a bunch of random crap that you don't have the money for and we'll be straight, alright ?? lol
  4. HAHA yea welcome to the boards. Listen to the people you speakin with kid, dont ask stupid questions like what should I do with my money, does this look good? Youll be alright. If possible look at threads started or contributed to by Ryan218, whatever he says in these posts do the complete opposite. have fun
  5. welcome to :SNSign: , awesome to see younger and younger fox fans. personally i was a fan since 4 yrs old..... thx to my dad..:D
  6. Welcome to stang net.... the 1st site of the rest of my life....
  7. Thanx guys. Don't worry I'll be a proper 'lil stangnet user, lol:D
  8. Welcome to the abuse!

    I will be your guide and provide you with necessary vacation packages etc. :jester:
  9. hopefully i won't need any of said vacations, that would be:notnice:
  10. how come your pony in avatar is running the wrong way?
    is it headed for a said vactation, brought to you by aunt jemimas ban cake syrup ?
  11. Great another kid lacking a 5oh. Hopefully you buy before ryan. :D Just pay attention to the advise and have fun.
  12. i got 50 bucks on this kid being cooler then ryan.... any takers ?

    i got another 100 says he gets a real 5.0 also b4 ryan...
  13. I got another 50 that shays he's cooler AND smarter than 90mustang_GT5.0!

    I got another 100 that says he gets more play than 90mustang_GT5.0
  14. Mr.Bubbles?

    :lol: :rlaugh:

    Welcome buddy :nice:
  15. ill pass on the 1st one, but your on... im piping at least 3 times a week, the kid nuts prolly aint droped yet... ill double that 2nd one if you wanna? hes still a puppy.. (no offence Mr. bubbles)
  16. 90 did you blow bubbles when you were a kid? :shrug:

  18. i watch comedy central to much for that one!
  19. :D :SNSign:
  20. by any chance did you tho ?