New Motor?

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  1. hey guys,

    I am considering dropping a new motor in my stang. The reason i say this is because I have around 105K on this one and am unsure if I want to continue to pour money into mods on this one. How does the 4.6L hold up over time? Right now I want to do cams, as they are one of the main reasons the 96-98's are under-powered. But would it be worth the time and money? The body is in great shape as well as the suspension. The tranny is holding up quite well too. So if I were to find a new motor should I just buy a PI one or switch to a 3 or 4 valve? Looking for some opinions...:SNSign:
  2. I have a little over 200,000 on my motor and it's still strong, showing no signs of age. But if you swap, I'd suggest the 03 Cobra setup.
  3. very stout. i tore mine apart right before i sold it and there was no sign of oil anywhere it shouldnt be. everything was solid. but why buy a new motor? do a h/c and haved the internals replaced to drop compression and do a 2.2 or a 1.7 kb. thats just my two cents. the 4.6 is solid so dont let that be your fear.
  4. jason, who's the +1 to? 03 cobra setup or h/c and a kb?