new pics of the turbo :)

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  1. It's been awhile since I been on here basically been working alot but some of my family members came up last weekend and wanted to see the mustang so decided to take a few new pics :)
    I'll be making a walk around/start up video sometime this month
    Also took another pick of the custom made window cal

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  2. Now that is just a beautiful thing!
  3. Oooh I likey the wiper cowl too!

    Where did you get that from? Mine is cracked and I've seen a couple on eBay. I have bought from the seller who sells them. I have a CF armrest lid and a gauge cluster bezel that is wrapped..
  4. I bought it off eBay years ago from a company who makes custom carbon fiber pieces for mustangs only I don't remeber the seller was I'm actually mad about that cause I want more pieces for the interior
  5. what size turbo/brand turbo did you install? stock engine?
  6. 74trim dual ball bearing dual billet wheeled precision turbo noo I had my motor fully built 4.6 SOHC using stock heads and intake
  7. What kind of power are you getting out of the old turbo?
  8. the whole car was fully rebuilt and I had it done last year :) it has about 300 miles on it since I had it back. my coil pack and termestat went bad in December The time i was putting it away for winter I'm going to fix that about this month. my car itself was built to handle 1000rwhp reliable I just didn't have enough cash to get 4v heads and a few other things so I'm a 2v my turbo is rated to make 1000rwhp. so the power I'm making now isn't stressing anything my choking point is my intake then after I get a new one my other choking point will be my heads i make well over 600rwhp using Sunoco 260GT fuel and on pump gas I'm just a little short of 600rwhp but when I get a new intake I will be over 600rwhp on pump
  9. Cool I have the same setup, but running a smaller turbo. I know the turbo can hit well over 600 and my stock intake could not handle 12-14lbs of boost, I blow it up on the track

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  10. wow that sucks about your intake but it happens my car isn't track ready yet nor is it ready to race on the street I still need slicks and a new intake to rev out to 7500 my car now just spins so it's pointless to even attempt to take it to the track :(
  11. what kind of intake are you going to run?