new tires and wheels on my 99

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by djtech, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. Looks good! :cheers:

    BTW - did you make it out to Mustang Alley for the Dream Cruise?
  2. THX! I can't believe how much it cost to get her on the road but what the hell, I wanted to drive her before winter is here.

    No I didn't make it to MA. Mainly because of poor planning on my part. I just got my car on the road for the first time this year ($$$ probs) on Aug 21 (Saturday). I got my tires, insurance and tags the day before. When I called on my tires they said I'd probably get them around Aug 24th (today) so I wasn't planning on going to the cruise.

    Lucky for me everything worked out and my car was aligned and wheels balanced by 1pm Saturday! A friend called me up and wanted to go so we went. I didn't get there until after 6PM and after a short bar stop it was well past 8PM by the time I got to 12 mile (I got on Woodward northbound at 696). I didn't remember exactly where Mustang Alley was but I was looking for it. Was it at the dealership around 12 mile road? It didn't look open by the time I got up there.

    Didn't that suck they closed it at 9PM? I think we should all go to Michigan Ave next year if they close it that early again. I'd also like if they kept the newer vehicles out of the cruising lanes, most of the cars I seen were newer non-sport cars. What a shame.