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Feb 28, 2017
Newark, OH
I owned a 2000 Mustang GT before but was totaled. :mad: It was a really nice ride, white with a black convertible top and nice big shiny rear pipes. Actually had it up to 145mph one time.. highest speed I've driven to date. My current 2014 V6 is the first Mustang I've owned myself, and I love it. Some of the interior design and material I don't agree with, and the car is a little more boxy than I'd prefer but the mechanics are perfect and don't forsee any issues. I've been hard on the car too.. harder than I should've been. I didn't break it in properly and I made a mistake with a tuner.. changing axle ratio when didn't actually do the physical change. It's been a learning process and fun, and everything fixed itself on the issue so I'm all good. All in all my ride is just as fast as I need it to be. Any faster and I'd probably get in an accident. I already received a drove of speeding tickets around Phoenix, AZ, so I'm done with that scene.. not like I was driving any faster than any other sports car drivers out there. Whatever.. Anyway, after much changing and testing I have the car where I want it for the most part. I would like a better driveshaft and other things but guess I should've gotten a GT. LOL.. just didn't think I could afford the extra amount. I pay $402/mo now and it's been hard sometimes but worth it. Right now I have an SCT sport tune.. worked with several MPT tunes but they were all not so good. What SCT has available on the tuner works fine. I also have an Airaid CAI which I modified myself, with a dog food bag of all things, for max airflow to my intake.. it definitely helps drastically. It may not be street legal but it takes off like a monster! LOL I wish to work with a plastic shop someday to get a real covering the way I want it. Other than that got a radar detector for back when I was in Phoenix that I still use. Found out it was worthless to me out there because it was those stupid light signal cameras, not the actual cops, that always got me. They were actually incorrect 3 times but whatever. Is what it is. I'm no longer in that stupid state, so I'm good now. I currently live near Columbus, OH but haven't found a place where I can open her up like I want to. I just bought some Goodyear Triple-Tred All Season tires since it rains and snows out here a lot.. they really help! They're also H-rated which is apparently the highest speed rating my rim can take. I also have my top speed limited to 125mph which actually can go to up around 128/129mph. I do this because of the driveshaft failures a lot of the V6s have in my era.. especially the 2011s according to YouTube. I hear it happens mostly in the automatic which is what I have. Everything in my car is standard except the Ruby Red paint and tinted windows. I did have a front end collision and the shop messed up my battery and something else which caused a slight decrease in my mpg but is what it is. The hood doesn't look as good as it did new but it works. I now have a new battery I got from Autozone.. their upscale Gold version, and the terminals are no longer getting corrosion. My mpg is still not as it good as it used to be, but I can afford the gas for now. Did I leave anything out? LOL

After having my car this long I have a respect for Mustang and now consider myself a Mustang guy. Sure I like Camaros, Challengers, Chargers and other such sport cars but love my Mustang and wouldn't give it up for anything! :cool:
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Nov 28, 2015
Welcome to Stangnet.

Have a look around around the '05-'14 subforums, you'll meet lots of other S197 owners there.

Glad you joined.
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