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  1. Well, I took my car in after driving around with 93 Octane for a month. And Chris from Excessive got me 6 more RWHP and 8 more RWTQ!!!!

    This is my baseline before I put on duals. I want to know once and for all if duals have a performance advantage.

    So, STD numbers:

    RWHP: 211 (from 205)
    RWTQ: 245 (from 237)

    SAE numbers (using a 2.8% difference, as I don't have the original SAE #'s but got them this time.)

    RWHP: 205 (from an estimated 199)
    RWTQ: 239 (from an estimated 232)

    Both SAE and STD are corrected numbers. SAE corrects for an estimated 77F and STD for 59F.

  2. Sweet numbers man!!! :nice: Whats your AF?
  3. Right at 13 throughout most of the power band.
  4. Thanks man, I want to compare that with mine when I go back to Excessive.
  5. Very impressive!
  6. Thanks! My goal is being able to beat YOU one day! :D

    Seriously, though, I wanted some baseline numbers before the duals go on.
    I want to know if they make a difference or not. Going to try an X-pipe, stock headers, OEM midpipes, and JBA axlebacks.

    Left GT pipe: $82
    Bassani X: $300
    Left JBA: $170

    Total: $552

    Hmmmmm..... There has to be a cheaper way.....
  7. Dude, use the Magnaflow X pipe, that is the route I am probably taking. Chris can fab the rest around it easily.

    Why pay 300 for the same thing? If you are going to throw down 300 for a X pipe, then I would throw another 100 at it and get the magnaflow with high flow cats for the GT, and have Excessive fab around it.


    Just my thoughts for what they are worth.
  8. There no beating Jimp now, he's got a remote bottle opener. That takes guts. LOL. :nice:
  9. Very nice n/a numbers man. Hopefully you can hit 220 with exhaust mods.
  10. The $300 is for the SS Bassani X. X-pensive, I know...

    Man, the more I think about it, the more excited I am about Powerhouse's Turbo system.

    Never bought off of E-bay.
  11. I bought off of ebay, no problem, and I know people that bought that x pipe from the link I gave you.

    Yes, so far Mikes tubro has my vote and is on my list!
  12. Rygen

    Is your Stang an auto or stick?
  13. Mines an auto, currently at 193 RWHP SAE, but still trying for more.
  14. So if you use the auto eats up 20% of your power then in your current state you should be making somewhere in the neighborhood of 230 hp, can we say "sleeper" :D

  15. He's got a few more days before he becomes an official member of the Zex Sleeper Club! :)
  16. Thanks man! I have only begun. I'm a proud member of mustang modders anonymous.
  17. I'm close man, real close. As soon as Zex sends me a new control unit, I'm back on the dyno. And, just in tradition of the arms race, I may have cooked up a suprise or two.

    Isn't she beautiful:



  18. So, when you gonna get zexed? LOL. Seriously, are you gonna give the bottle a try before the TC? I bet with your TT, you can take a 125 or 150 shot.
  19. 13 a/f is real rich. Why not drop it down a notch to like 12 or so?
  20. Chris likes to run it a bit rich. But he is a genius with a tune, so I let him. I am not sure what the optimum AFR is, but I will mention it to him when I put my duals on.

    Hey, what is the deal with the HC trap?