Next Generation Mustang Good/ Bad?

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  1. I think it looks OK. I like the 2010-2014 better but I am biased, and, without fail, starting with 1994's I have initially dismissed each restyled Mustang as a step backward, and then ended up loving the look a few years later. I also agree with what some say, that the 2013-2014 has taken the "retro" look to its pinnacle and the only thing Ford can really do at this point is take it in a new direction. And from what I have seen, the new one will be pretty nice-looking. I'll just have to wait and see.

    I realize that I am probably one of the few who think this, but the other thing I am not sold on is the size reduction. I am all about weight savings, but I like the "big-ness" of the current model, both inside and out. Inside, it's one of the few fast coupes in which my kids can sit comfortably (sort of), even with my driver's seat in its normal position. Outside, it's big and badass. If I wanted a sports car I would have bought a sports car. Of course, my SN-95 was smaller and that was fine. I'll just need to wait and see here, too.
  2. I thought it wasn't being revealed until April in NY?
  3. As far as I know right now the next gen mustang wont be unveiled til january at Detroit for the 50th yr anniversary.
  4. Oh I thought they were having a big 50th anniversary thing during April in NY like they did with the original.
  5. Personally, I think it looks awesome. More like an Aston Martin. They're styling it like this so it can sell in the European market as well as the American, seeing as how Ford lost a lot of money during the recession and wants to branch out. and i don't think Ford should make a 180 turn and change things much, thez should stay original and just find a way to improve the sales. they should look up to audi who invest huge amounts of money to get their cars to be promoted in movies, commercials and so on. Mustang is a muscle car and it should keep its originality.
  6. please give us a twin turbo 3.7 V6 :flag:
  7. Great hopes are that this new Mustang will finally be able to contend with European sports sedans/cars on their terms! Who said the Mustang had only to be a pure Muscle Car. In recent years, it can be seen that the Mustang is moving to deliver a more sophisticated set of attributes. If anything, American sports cars these days are showing truer diver enthusiast characteristics. Just look at what the new Stingray has accomplished, being named Road & Track 2013 Car of the Year. The Cadalac ATS nearly unseated the 3series this year, had it only had a better manual transmission it would have. The Ford Fiesta won second place for Road & Track 2013 Car of the Year, ahead of BMWs, Ferraris, Jaguars, and Audi's!!! I hope that this new Mustang is being designed by the same team or one with the same philosophy as the one that designed the Ford Fiesta!!! There is good reason to believe that this will be the case given that Ford has already revealed a desire to reduce weight, and put in IRS. I just hope the styling isn't over the top like Stingray, and that it will look sporty, aggressive, as well as respectable!
  8. In the pics I've seen of what they'll show of the instrument cluster ( the gauge layout and center stack seem reminiscent of a mid-1970s Datsun Z-car. Not that this is bad, and given that we're just looking under a flap of interior camo I guess I'll just need to wait another week to see for sure. But if the motoring press is complaining about the current 2010 - 2014 interior appearing too 'retro' . . .