NikwoaC's "Commitment Issues" Engine Build

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  1. Well, I've been on StangNet now 5 years, and of all the stuff I've done with my car, I don't think I've ever done a progress thread. So now I'm finally doing some serious stuff with the engine, I thought I'd document it for your personal enjoyment.

    Without boring you guys with a wall of text, the idea for this build is that I don't really have an idea. Thus, the thread title. The one thing I do have my heart set on is a set of Twisted Wedge 205s. Outside of that, I do have some ideas on the direction I want to take with the intake, cam, fuel system, etc, but it probably won't be hammered out for a week or so. Stay tuned.

    For now, I'm tearing apart the bottom end for a very basic clean up with some new rings and bearings. I don't want to put a lot of money into it right now, because this engine will be replaced in a year or so with a stroker of some sort, be it 302 based, 351 based, factory block or aftermarket block, I don't know. Commitment issues, remember?


  2. DSCN0178.jpg






    The engine bay is pretty dirty, but damn it is pretty rust free for a 25 year old mid-West car, eh? Those brown spots you see is actually a rust-stop primer, NOT rust.



  3. THIS is why I'm constantly telling people NOT to run equal-length shorties. I've tried two different types of motor mounts and various methods of shimming, and I STILL have contact, both on the passenger side K member AND on the steering shaft. I will never buy another set of equal length shorties. They are a huge PITA, and and the performance gain over standard shorties is pointless.

    Anyway, you can see in these pics where the headers contact.


  4. haha funny shot

    good to see a build thread I'm starting to get bored.........

    now let's see some more work damn it, 4 eyes FTW
  5. nice solid looking 4 eye, cant wait to see some more pics of that motor torn apart!!!
  6. 86 T top I want one!
  7. So that's what you look like huh? Interesting....

  8. +1 vote for 351w+

    Love that car though, and the Purdue flag
  9. I think everyone needs to start their build threads with a like NikwoaC's!
  10. finally doing that LSx swap like we've been suggesting?!!?
  11. ^^^^this!

    :nice: LOL! Great entry photo, Nik. I love your car, man. So nice....
  12. Subscribing... I've always loved your car and the tasteful additions :)
  13. looks good, do a 4cyl swap, no one will see it coming
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  14. My question to you Nik, is if you can afford a 351 based combo, why wouldnt you do it over a 302 stroker?
  15. I really like your car too. best looking fox body ever made (I.M.O.). I was gonna convert my aero to a 4 eye before I
    decided to just go ahead and put the 68 headlights on it.

    I'd go w/ the 351. Better rod length/ratios, and for what you gotta do to get 350+ inches on a 302, its already there w/o even touching the windsor.
    and if you're gonna buy a kit, I don't have to tell you, the only cost difference between 347 and 408 is the cost of the core engine.

    or keep the 5.0, stroke it to the size you want, and Buy those edelbrock 2v Cleveland heads, and make it a boss 302 clone.
  16. Thanks for all the compliments guys!

    I love me some slip ons! And thanks for sticking my thread in there.

    Expecting more... Or LESS? Haha. I thought you guys would enjoy that pic. :nice:

    All hail to the Old Gold and Black!

    styk> :nutkick: <Nik :D

    For those of you asking about the 351, the answer is yea, that is probably the direction I ultimately go in. The only reason I would ever go with a 8.2" deck motor is if it was something unique, like 363ci or bigger. I was reading about a guy who managed to get 400ish ci in an aftermarket block by running a big bore and an offset ground crank. How cool would that be? Everyone would just assume it was a 347 or something, when really I was packing 50 more ci. rubhands

    Anyway, the stroker won't happen until I have the drivetrain in place to support it. No way will my current trans and rear end handle a 400 inch motor. One step at a time, it'll happen.
  17. Moar!


    If only the XXX block was as cool as it sounds. :(



    Engine puke:




    This stupid little valve shroud...


    You can just baaaarely see the original crosshatch.

  18. does the XXX mean anything at all?
  19. Heads off!




    Pistons out...



    Bare block!


    Check out all the junk...





    Back on the hoist...


    And in the trunk! Haha, I have no truck, so this'll have to do. Off to the machine shop tomorrow!



    I'll clean this up tomorrow...