NikwoaC's "Commitment Issues" Engine Build

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  1. don't hit the brakes with that stuff in the back!
  2. I'm sure it has some significance as far as casting identification for Ford, but other than that, it's just another factory 302 block. I've also seen YYY and ZZZ blocks. Maybe someone who knows more about it than me can chime in here...

    I wanted to mention that when you have one of these engines apart and you're looking at the block, it gives you an appreciation for just how much 500hp (the accepted "breaking point") really is. I mean, this is a seriously stout, solid, heavy hunk of metal, it's hard to imagine breaking it.

    Believe me, I'm going to be driving like an old man, haha.
  3. fwi, last weekend we put in a turbo kit in a 95 gt, and we had to CUT the equal lengths off, yeah they suck. but damn worth it lol
  4. Sweet, lotta progress so far. Nice garage too.
  5. joining in late (was on a little vaca) but also subscribing. also liking the vans :D. I always hated damn equals myself, you thinking longtubes in the future? 393/408 ftw but you pretty much know you can make a sweet 302 based motor also. I have read your posts your pretty savy, you will build a nice combo.
  6. I flower potted my 5.0 a couple years ago, IMO once you run 450+ through the block any detonation or mis tune can cause the big break.

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  7. Just got back from dropping off the parts at the machine shop. This is the part about the build that I think I'm the most nervous about, since it's really the only part that I won't be doing myself. The guys at the shop seemed friendly, and one of them recognized the block as a 302 as soon as I opened the trunk, so I at least know they're knowledgeable. They also had a billet aluminum V8 sitting right by the door as I walked in, so evidently they know a thing or two about going fast.

    Yea, they blow ass, haha. For as much of a PITA they are, you might as well go with long tubes. All the inconvenience of a long tube, all the performance of a short tube. Plus, they're more expensive than standard shorties. :nonono:

    Thanks man. We built this house last summer, and the 3rd bay garage was a no-brainer.

    "Savvy" is a nice way of putting it, my wife would call it obsessed. :p

    Definitely longtubes if I decide to stay N/A, but there is this little red-eyed gremlin hiding in the darkest corner of my brain that keeps whispering, "turbo". We'll see where I am in a year or two, but for now the exhaust is staying the same.
  8. Yea, I'm really going to try to avoid that!
  9. Nice garage. I'm glad you used an engine hoist and not a piece of cedar bolted to each end of the garage like some other members on this forum choose to do ;)
  10. Thanks for the offer, Shawn, I might have to take you up on that in the future. My accessory brackets need some TLC, we'll see how ambitious I get once I start putting this back together.
  11. Nice progress so far! Is this your first engine build? I used to "help" my dad when I was young on all of his rebuilds but ended up doing my own 7-8 years ago and as the first time on my own it was pretty damn fun/rewarding, enjoy it.
  12. It's my first personal build, yea. I helped a few friends with theirs over the years, and a couple of my college courses involved dissecting automotive engines, but other than that, I've never pulled a cylinder head off anything I've ever owned. It's been fun so far, but a lot of work!
  13. how much on the hooking up? i got some stuff id like to do.
  14. If you're lucky enough to have a "XXX" block in your Mustang, every time you do the 2-3 shift Vin Diesel throws someone through a plate glass window.

    Oh yeah, and nice progress Nik! :nice:
  15. Haha thanks man. Where you been?
  16. What the????? Where's your car????? :shrug:
  17. Sent ya a PM Get back to me.:nice:
  18. Any time, credit where credit is due. I mostly troll lately. I'm saving for a house and sold off all of the toys except for one to keep me sane. Not having a Mustang is... wierd. :(

    Yeah, I'm a ghost now pretty much. And SOLD. :nonono:
  19. Uhhh that was 1 fairlane;2 fairmonts; 3 fox mustangs; 1 80 Thunderbird; a 393 c.i mitsubishi Starion; A 363 ci twin turbo'd Chrysler Conquest, and about 120k spent over the last 20 years since I used the cedar beam..

    I only had to get whacked once to learn that lesson. I've had a harbor Freight special for over 10 years now.